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Why These Unique Dog Collars Are Worth It?

Why These Unique Dog Collars Are Worth It?

Most of the time, a dog owner just picks the collar randomly while looking through the pet store’s shelves. However, there should always be some thinking done before purchasing the most important thing for your pet that is going to stay with your fur buddy for most of the time. Looking for the unique dog collars include checking for the size, material, design, comfortability and nevertheless, style.

We, as dog owners tend to be on our toes when it comes to picking even the most unnecessary tools for our pets. Then, why not the collars. Have you realized that the collars stay longer with your pets than you do? Either it’s a lazy day at home or the exciting visits to the park, collars always stay close. So, buying the best dog collars should always be the priority.

List of Some Unique Dog Collars

We all have different reasons for getting a collar for our pet. Some need collars for pets that love being outdoor, and others find the sophisticated looking collars charming that reciprocate the beauty of their adorable pets.

You can always define your priorities and look for the choice that best fit into your needs.

Bling Rhinestone Dog Collar

If you love styling your pet, this graceful collar would be the best fit. Made of sparkling rhinestone, you would not be able to ignore the collar’s shine and beauty. When fastened around your dog’s neck, it would certainly accentuate the charm of your pet. This collar can fit small to medium pets. There is a bone shaped pendent attached to the collar which looks amazing. You can remind yourself of the old beauties by looking at the design of the collar.


  • It is comfortable to wear despite of all the decorations
  • Perfect for parties and all social gatherings
  • It has an extender to adjust the size of the collar according to the size of the pet
  • It can be easily fastened and removed

Fashionable Dog Bandana Collar

You will need no extra accessories when using this collar to dress your pet in style. The collar comes with a bandana design scarf attached to it. All you need to do is fasten the collar and the scarf will get your style covered for your pet. This collar is very charming and can be used for any dog breed from small to large.


  • It is durable and very attractive
  • It can be adjusted to different sizes
  • The scarf has the floral embroidery to provide it a retro look
  • The collar is washable

Led Light Dog Collar

Is your pet a rowdy? Is your pet not scared from the dark? If the answer is a yes to all these questions, you should right away choose this collar to ensure the safety of your super active dog. The collar has a LED light feature that blinks in the dark. The collar is made of nylon and is very attractive when on. This collar is easy to fasten.


  • It is comfortable
  • The material is safe for your pet’s skin
  • It is rain resistant and can be adjusted to different sizes
  • Three modes of LED Light are available with this collar
  • It is very durable

Soft Rhinestone Collar Dog

A collar that is designed to make your pet look priceless. The collar has rhinestones on it which gives it a sparkling look. It also has a bow in the middle. There is no other way to make your pet look any more charmer and elite. Just tie the collar around and see the difference in the appearance of your pet. You will certainly fall in love with the makeover.


  • It is made of soft suede leather
  • The strap is adjustable
  • The collar is designed for small to medium sized pet
  • It is comfortable and skin friendly

USB Rechargeable LED Dog Collar

As the name suggests, this collar can be recharged with the USB cable and can be used without a requirement of battery replacement. By using this collar around your pet’s neck, you can ensure their safety. Not only it would help you to locate your pet in the dark but will also avoid joggers and cyclist from bumping into your pet at night.


  • Made of high grade and soft rubber material
  • It is non toxic and safe for your pet’s skin
  • It has the rechargeable battery for repeated use
  • There are three setting available for the lighting mode
  • It can be cut to fit the size of your pet’s neck
  • Suitable for small as well as large pets

How to fasten Dog Collars?

Getting the top dog collars is not the end of the responsibility. A dog owner must know how to perfectly fit the collar around the neck to ensure that the pet is safe and comfortable. There are many times when dog owners’ crib about the collars unknowingly that there was never a problem with the collar.

For every new pet parent, it is important to understand the basics of fastening a collar around their pet’s neck. You may find plenty of options and styles while looking for a collar. But, whichever you choose, understand the math behind its design and how it could be placed on your pet with ease.

A collar should never be fastened to tightly or too loosely. When tightly fastened, it will make your pet uncomfortable and can even lead to cuts and wounds. And if, loosely fastened, it can come off while you are outside.

Remember to keep two fingers distance between the collar and your pet’s neck when fastening the collar. And, keep rotating the collar around the neck while it is still on to ensure that the collar is not hurting your pet.

The Conclusion

Sometimes a pet can get into destructive activities when not feeling comfortable. And a wrong collar or a collar wrongly fastened can be the reason. So, choose the unique dog collars which are not only comfortable but completely safe for your pets and let your pet stay as a happy companion.

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