6 Ways Collars Can Harm Your Dog

6 Ways Collars Can Harm Your Dog-Ohmyglad

Pet parents do their best to ensure safety for their little buddy. And, collars are inevitable part of keeping the dogs away from the risk of being stolen or lost. The collars are meant to keep them close while taking them out for a walk and also carries the tags with owner’s information. This helps them be found in case they get too far out of sight.

However, these dog collars are also a reason for many problems, some even being lethal for these adorable pets. How many times have you felt their misery after its already late? These unconditional lovers are unable to express what they are going through at times. And, discovering the problems later could put them and the dog owners through a lot of stress and medical expenses.

In case of collars, the same rule applies. If not used correctly, it can leave your dog into discomfort and can even get them into life threatening danger. Who, as a dog lover would like to even think of something like that happening to their precious part of life? The answer is right away: No one ever would.

Even the thought of something bad happening to our fur friend because of our mistake is enough to get goose bumps for pet lovers. Hence, finding out how these collars can put your pets in danger would minimize the threats these collars can pose.

Collars can Cause Strangulation

What could be most painful than watching your dog leave before time? Strangulation cases are reported a lot and feeling sorry don’t do any good. Dog owners tie their dogs with a long leash in the backyard. Sometimes, while trying to escape the fences, dog hangs itself and the consequences are more than just a loss.

Also, the tags on their collar get stuck to the windows and accidents can happen inside the house itself. There are also incidences when a dog’s collar was tied too tight causing it to get hospitalized and even deaths.

Are these reasons worth any explanation? I do not think so. These fur guys cannot communicate. But, their expressions of love are more than million words together. So, to stay away from such mishap and securing the safety of your pets, remember to never tie them while they are unattended.

Tight Collars can Cause Skin Problems

This is the most common problem that a lot of pet face. Unknowingly, when the collar is tied too tight, it can result in hair loss, skin irritation and even serious skin infections. It can also cut through their skin can get worse with bacterial infection.

Hence, if you use a collar for most of the time, keep checking if they are comfortable wearing the one. If, you find it irritating or see them regularly scratching the neck, try another one or loosen the grip. As long as you are cautious, your dog would never be at the risk of uninvited problems.

led collar

Collars can Lead to Neck Damage

Is your dog too stubborn to follow your lead while walking? Do you feel a need to pull their leash numerous times while trying to tame them when out? If the answer for both the questions is a YES, you should be cautious of the neck collars that stresses your dog’s neck after every pull.

These instances when continued for some time can cause neck damage. It can affect the thyroid glands and other tissues around the neck. Isn’t neck is supposed to be the most sensitive part of the body?

To save your fur friend from trouble and at the same time directing them when outside, use a body harness.

Loose Collars are Dangerous too

Enough of the problems caused by tight collars. What about the loose ones. Thinking that extra loose collars will be of any good can put your dog into serious problems.

Every dog like scratching its ear. It’s like their favourite job when sitting idle. However, if they are wearing loose knots around their neck, the probability of their leg getting stuck becomes obvious. This can cause limb injury and serious hospitalization chances.

Loose Collars Cause Mouth Injuries

Similar to the limb injuries, loose collars are the cause for many cases related to mouth injuries. Dogs like to groom themselves. Licking and scratching themselves with teeth is a regular chore for them as cooking and washing is for us, humans. While doing so, the loose collars can get stuck in their mouth and can lead to broken teeth or many other serious mouth injuries.

Irritation and Discomfort

It is not always important to look for the bigger problems. Sometimes, an issue that does not cause serious health problems can be really discomforting. A wrong collar or a low grade collar that causes irritation can get your dog into scratching themselves all the time. And, would make them unhappy and sad.

It can also cause obstruct their mobility and restrict them from being playful, for what they are known for. So, buy the collar that is comfortable to touch and wear. Who likes to have a neck surrounded with heavy and uncomfortable stuffs? If not you, how can your pet would feel any happier to carry the unnecessary load around.

There is nothing wrong in getting a collar for your dog. On the contrary, few collars are inevitable when walking your dog in dark. For example, the LED Collar is a must have for increasing the visibility of your dog at night and alarming the cyclist and other vehicle owner of your pet’s presence, hence avoiding accidents.