The 10 Most Loyal Dog Breeds You Should Adopt

10 most loyal dog breeds

Dogs come in varied breeds, sizes, color and character. And, each of them is adorable for their unique way of expressing their love. While there are pets who are friendly to every stranger, there are those who are insanely loyal to their owners. The list below features the 10 most loyal dog breeds that can go any mile to please their owners. And, these breeds may not be the same adorable pet to the strangers.

Speaking of loyalty, here is another list of 10 small dog breeds easily adoptable.

List of 10 Most Loyal Dog Breeds

There have been many stories about pets sacrificing their lives for their owners or for those whom they loved. These are not just stories but a tale of those brave and dedicated family members who cared for nothing more than those who fed them. Although all dogs are loyal, some exceed every expectation of their owner and do not care about themselves either. For them, its all about their owner’s priorities.

The 10 most loyal dog breeds listed below, in no particular order, are certainly the ones that care of the most dependable breeds.


This long coated beautiful fur breed which belongs to the family of medium to large dogs that originated in Scotland and was used for herding. This breed is confident and shows no aggression. Being good with children and other pets, these are suitable for families. These can be trained easily and are very eager to learn.


beagle loyal dog

Yep, this breed is small in size but is capable of some wonderful action. The breed is also known as the hunting breed because of their amazing sense of smell. Originated in Great Britain, the breed has a very remarkable reputation with its reference connected to ancient Greece. These dogs are highly attached to their owners and find their place in the family easily. Kind and compassionate, these pets love kids and are known to be pack animals making them even more loyal to their family.

German Shephard

German Shephard loyal dog

Hearing about German Shepherd leads us to the sight of obedient and highly trained police dogs that are as competent as any other policemen. Alert and responsive, these can sometimes become highly protective of the territories of their owners and family. Hence, proper training is required. This breed has originated from Germany and look forward to serving purposes for their master. They are brave and very talented. Makes great match for family.


Brittany was breed for hunting birds and falls in the category of hunting dogs. It originated in France and are very sweet and loving. This breed loves training and are fond of their family members. These are sensitive and can win your heart by their looks only. You will know just by looking at this breed that this makes for a great family companion.


boxer dog loyal

Originated in Germany, this breed was bred to be the hunting companions. The breed has got powerful l jaws and tough bite. They have been used for hunting and can hold deer and boars for their masters until they are close. They are always high on their energy levels and love being outdoors. Do not misjudge them by looking at their loyalty and affection for the family members, they can come really hard on strangers. They make great watchdogs and are adorable to be around with. Always on a mission, there won’t be any mistake while alerting you about the strangers nearby.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier loyal dog

If you like small breeds, you can always look up to Yorkie, what the breed is known as for loyalty. These pets are the smallest of the terrier family but are very loyal to their owners. They make up for the great show dogs. The best part is that they have hypoallergic coat and do not require much of care and are easy to maintain. They are highly protective and possessive about their family and do not easily get along with strangers. Hence, you can always hear than barking when someone unknown visits you.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever loyal dog

Who does not like the smiling face of Golden Retriever? This adorable breed was first bred in Scotland for helping during hunting. These breeds are highly patient. If you do not want to end up with the least trainable dog breeds, opt for Golden Retriever. This breed can be trained easily and are always ready to please you. They are not just one of the best family pets but can be a great therapy or service dogs when trained.


Dachshund loyal dog

Originated in Germany, Dachshund was bred to be the hunting dog for small prey like rabbits. These have long body and strong feet and are also known as hot dogs for their appearance. They are also great at digging and can help you out in the garden. They are small but are very protective of their family. They can ride any mile to make sure you are okay.

St Bernard

St Bernard loyal dog

This giant breed was first bred in Swiss Alps and can stand the chilling cold with ease. Bred to be the rescue dogs, St. Bernard knows how to do their job. Either it’s a family pet or a rescue dog on a mission, it never leaves its instincts behind and make sure that the family if protected or the mission is covered. They are eager to learn and highly motivated.


Chihuahua loyal dog

This is the most stubborn dog breeds of all the 10 most loyal dog breeds listed. They are smaller in size but do not go on their structure, they can make you run away if you are not among the family member. They are one person breed and makes it difficult for strangers to feel at home when around.

The Conclusion

Pets are no doubt, very adorable. Some are perky, and some are shy. However, none of the differences in the nature of our pets would want us to trade them for anything in the world. Either its any of the dogs from the 10 most loyal dog breeds above or someone with completely different traits, dogs would always be the best friend of humans.

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