Not long ago, we experienced the worst fear a dog owner, or any pet lover, can imagine. Our beloved dog was hit by a car…

It was a dark evening and the driver did not see our happy pup before it was too late. We lost the most playful part of our family that night.

Glad Dog Story

But we didn’t think of that in time… So we decided to help other dog owners keep their four legged friends safe and secure, and not let the same happen to other dogs or their owners.

It is so simple to improve a dog’s safety outside and near traffic. All you need is a collar with visible and highly reflexive elements — or better yet — with lights. It’s not that we didn't know that those collars existed before the accident. We just hadn’t gotten round to get one.

It was horrible to realize that we had lost our dog, just because we had been too lazy to buy a protective collar with warning lights…

dog glad story

So we opened the Oh My Glad web shop to help other dog owners order the safety collars with just a few clicks from their phone or laptop. That way you get it send straight to your address — No need to visit a physical store at all.

Before we could open our shop we needed to find the best dog visibility collars.

So research began. We found that collars with LED lights provided the highest visibility and was most reliable. LED lights requires very little power, so you don’t need to worry about batteries running out or forgetting to change batteries. You can feel safe that your dog remains visible and safe when needed.

As we were working on our new shop, we realized their we could just as well provide more products to help keep dogs and other pets safe, healthy, and happy. The more pets and owners we can help, the better!

So we expanded our product line to include Dog Harnesses, Dog Beds, Dog Clothing, items for Dog Grooming, etc. And as we already had a website, we could use the same platform to hand out free articles and advice on dog/pet safety through our blog.

We hope you’ll find it easy to find what you need to keep you furry puppy safe right here in our web shop. And when you have a spare moment, why not check out our blog posts with great safety tips and ideas to spoil your dog?

We also sell dog themed apparel and accessories for dog owners wanting to support our quest for promoting dog and pet safety and get more owners to do something about it!


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