As a family of millions with thousands of subscribers worldwide and a vast team of professionals to serve our customers, we believe in sharing the profits with those in need.

Not every dog has a home. Few are left behind without proper care and love. So, to help those fur buddies, who are equally adorable as our dogs, donates a portion of its revenue to dog charities such as These charities provide for these homeless dogs with food and medical supplies. They even look for a permanent shelter for these dogs and other animals.

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Our community is not sufficed with earning profits but takes responsivity for helping as much as number of dogs and other animals as we can. To do so, we keep rotating these charities from time to time. However, it’s not a constraint. Sometimes, we do have one charity for several months in a row.

Being an online shopping store, is completely dependant on its subscriber and customers to realize the dream of a world with no more homeless dogs. The fight may seem long, but we wish to keep doing our bit. Every purchase brings us close to our oath. Hence, we value even the order with the slightest amount the same way as we treat the ones getting us huge profits. believes that journey begins from where we finish the last one. And, we would like to continue serving these beautiful creations of god, who though lack words, but are blessed with expressions.

Even the smallest support of your counts. Let us make this world free of animal violence and fill it with awareness with whatever we can do. thanks our customers for being a part of this journey too.

Stay with us and we would not let you down. We oath to find better ways to help the needy ones.