The Ultimate Guide to Stop Dog from Peeing on Carpet

 Stop Dog from Peeing on Carpet

Are you tired of your pet’s habit of peeing on the carpet? If yes, why not find the ways stop dog from peeing on carpet. It may appear a big problem to many, however, with proper routine and guidance, you can tame the most stubborn pet as well.

However, before figuring out the ways to prevent pets from peeing in the house, it is important to understand the reason for such behavior. Working on the root cause will not only keep your house clean, it will also ensure that your pet is not suffering from any problems.

Pets are governed by habit. Once instilled in them, it stays forever unless certain uninvited reasons appear. If your pet has recently started peeing in the house or it has not yet been potty trained, using a few simple routines everyday would bring a lot of difference in a couple of days itself.

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Reasons for Pets Peeing Inside the House

While the reason can be as simple as lack of proper training, it can sometimes be a serious problem as well. So, eliminating all the odds before you start the house training is very crucial.

Here are some reasons for your pet peeing on the carpet or in the house:

Medical Condition: While it is more obvious for older dogs, younger ones can also be affected by the medical conditions. Hence, if you figure out that your pet is not able to hold its pee for long and keeps peeing around the house, you must seek vet’s help. This arrangement will help both of you. Urinary Tract Infection is the most common medical problem among pets that cause this behavior. However, it can be diabetes, prostate disease or kidney disease as well. So, it is always better to rule out any such thing. And if necessary, provide the medical help that your pet needs.

Hormonal Changes: This is common in older dogs. If your pet is a she, she must be going through the hormonal changes during the older age. There are medicines for such problems and it can be treated. If it’s a male dog, it must be marking the region during the hormonal change if not neutered. So, you can get him neutered and the problem will be solved.

Anxiety: Although every dog feels lonely when left alone in the house, few pets may suffer from extreme anxiety. In these situations, scolding won’t work. Your pet will surprise you with its pee at the places you won’t be able to see right away. However, rewarding it for peeing at the right places would be very helpful in these cases.

Change in the House: Like humans, stress is triggered in pets when they encounter change in the house. It can be some construction or addition of family member in the house. You can still follow the routine and keep rewarding your pet for the good behavior. With time, you will find him welcoming the change.

Not House-Trained: If this is the case, you will require to work around the problem. This is mostly the case with puppies who aren’t trained to pee at the right places. I would be discussing in the article further about the ways to train your pet not to pee in the house.   

How to Stop Dog from Peeing on Carpet?

Stop Dog from Peeing on Carpet

If your pet is not house trained and he keeps peeing around the house, you need to start the routine sooner. How to keep dogs from peeing on the carpet or around the house? It may not seem easy at first and you may have to clean a lot, but once your pet will be trained, the problem will be gone.

Follow these steps to stop dog peeing in house:

Know it Before: Pets are very expressive. You have to be very unlucky to find a pet that does not intimate you before peeing. Usually, pets circle or sniffs or cock the leg to pee. If you find them doing so, take them out right away. They may take a few moments to pee as they are not used to the outdoor peeing. However, they will do. Just remember to praise them after they pee or give them treats. This will encourage them to pee outdoors or to the designated areas in the house.

Stop them on the Spot: If you are not able to stop them before they pee, stop them when they start. You can do so by making a loud noise to attract their attention. In most cases, the pet will stop in between. So, take your pet outside right away to help them finish their peeing. You may have to clean the mess indoors but punishing them will do no good. Instead, praise them while they urinate outdoors.

Take Away the Scent: Usually pets pee at a common place in the house. To make that habit go away or to stop dog from peeing on carpet, you must remove the scent. There are many products available in the market. But I would suggest choosing the enzyme based cleaner instead of ammonia based. It will work better. In addition, you must deep clean the carpet and floor rather than doing the spot cleaning. It will help to prevent the process of peeing effectively. Though you may have to work a bit more, the results would be satisfying.

The Conclusion

Peeing in the house is the most common problems of all the basic behaviors in a pet. And, house training your pet is challenging a lot. Many pet parents aren’t able to put together few simple routines because of their schedule or busy time. In such cases, I would recommend hiring a dog walker.

This will cost you some extra bucks, but your house would be clean and order free. If you cannot stop dog from peeing on carpet, you can always borrow a hand. You can also ask friends who love pets and it will not even cost you any monthly fee. Think about it.

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