Oh my Glad respects the intellectual property of others!

The determination of this policy is to protect the associated Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of third parties as well as those of our customers.

Oh my Glad Team would react quickly and efficiently to notices of alleged IPR infringement.

However, Oh my Glad requires your help to identify potentially IPR infringing items. As intellectual property owners are responsible for protecting their own IP Oh my Glad does not assert to hold legal expertise on IPR matters, both parties must necessarily collaborate on this policy.

If you believe that your copyrighted work has been copied in a way that constitutes copyright infringement and is accessible on Oh my Glad site (or the copyright of someone whom you are authorized to act on behalf of), please send a notice of copyright infringement to us. We will remove the infringing material after we reviewed.

If you have a good faith belief that an intellectual property right has been violated on Oh my Glad, you can submit a statement of alleged IP infringement. To file a notice of infringement with Oh my Glad, you must provide a written communication by email that sets out the information specified in the list below:

  • The full name of the intellectual property owner
    • The name of the company you represent)
    • Your address (including City, State and Zip Code)
    • Your contact email address and telephone number
    • A detailed and full description of the intellectual property rights you claim are infringed
    • An explanation of the alleged infringement and its location on the Oh my Glad
    • A declaration that you have a good-faith belief that an IPR has been violated
    • A statement that the information in your Notice is correct to the best of your knowledge

    A declaration that you will indemnify Oh my Glad from/against any claims, losses, liabilities, costs, and expenses (including reasonable attorney's fees) which Oh my Glad may incur in connection with the restriction of the account identified in this notice.

    Any misrepresentations or inaccuracies, either willfully or as a result of neglect, made in your notice may expose you to liability and damages. You must carefully consider relevant IP defenses, limitations or exceptions. For specific legal advice regarding policy details, consult an attorney.

    To proceed, please fill out your the information, print out the document, and sign it before emailing a scanned copy to us at dmca@ohmyglad.com

    This email address is only for legal matters and must not be used for any pre-sale, order tracking or after-sale issues.

    For further issues, please contact out dmca@ohmyglad.com, our representatives would be glad if we are able to help!