12 Easy Ways to Make Your Dog Happy

 Ways to Make Your Dog Happy

Dogs love to please their owners, either its by taking orders or through their funny behavior. They would do whatever to make you smile. So, why not take the other side and try to make your dog happy. Dogs are precious and having them around is a gift. To keep them happy and indulge with them in their happiness is the least we can do to reciprocate for their selflessness.

The good news is that you do not need to do much to get your dog happy time. Only few simple things and you would know when they will fall for it. Moreover, whatever makes your dog happy would in turn will make you happy too.

How to Make your Dog Happy?

As I said it before, making your pets happy takes very less effort. They are anyway happy when you are around. So, by adding little more adventure would do the trick. Play games or buy toys, if you think you are up for making your cute friend go insanely glad, there is nothing you should stop for.

Cuddle with your Dog

cuddle your dog

Pets love to snuggle with their owners. It is not a necessity to always cuddle them while sleeping. However, a little time taken aside every day for cuddling just your paw friend while you both take a short nap won’t be too much to ask for. The warmth and compassion being so close to your dog won’t be easy to get rid of. It will leave you wanting for more.

Challenge in Tug of War

Challenge in Tug of War

Your pet will love this game. I have not known a single dog who does not want to play tug of war. It is not just a game but helps in stimulating your pet’s senses and is a great exercise for your dog. And, you can play it inside the house by sitting at one place. Let your dog win sometimes and other times, make it a tough game. Your pet won’t lose interest ever. Use these rope knot toys to challenge your dog.

Arrange a Play Date

Arrange a Play Date

Like human beings, dogs also like to socialize. Specially if your pet is the only dog at home, you must try introducing it to other friends, ensuring that the dogs are enjoying each other’s company. Most importantly, it would give you more reasons and excuses to know other dog owners and make new friends too.

Keep Changing Walking Routes

Keep Changing Walking Routes

Going out to the same trail becomes boring. A pet needs more room to explore. Surprising your dog with new routes would enhance its inner instincts to smell and search. It would be a change of pattern for you too.

Sit in Parks Together

Sit in Parks with your dog

Visit to dog parks can be tiring for your pet. With all the spaces to play and enjoy, it may leave your dog exhausted. Instead of running back to your house, take some time enjoying the scenery with your pet sitting aside you.

Play Fetch

Play Fetch with your dog

Another game that every dog love is the fetch game. You can use any toy of your pet’s choice or a ball to play this game. You sit at one place, toss the toy and wait for him to come with the toy back to you. The game is entertaining and fun with little effort your end.

Play Hide and Seek

Play Hide and Seek with your dog

Now, this is my favorite one. Hide and seek is not just enjoyed by kids but is also a fun game for dogs. Dogs love to play hide and seek. It’s like on a mission when trying to find the hiding places of yours. Pick a spot and hide while your pet isn’t watching you. Call for its name and it will come searching for you. This game is totally entertaining. Most of the dogs are very bad at this game which makes it even more hilarious for you and challenging for your pet.

Train your Dogs

Train your Dogs

I am sure you won’t know this but training your pet makes it happy. You can make your dog happy by training it to crawl, bow or other simple tricks. Ensure not to be too harsh on them. Treat them whenever they do as you ask them to. In no time, you would watch your pet following your leads.

Prepare Treasure Hunt Game

Prepare Treasure Hunt Game with you

The most difficult task is to keep your pet active and happy while its all by itself. Hence, you can plan a day for your dog while you are not there to play with it. Why not hide its toys at different places and let your pet search for those toys? You can find out how many your dog was able to locate. You can repeat this activity every once in a while, and your pet will wait for the game with excitement.

Put Your Pet on a Job

Put Your Pet on a Job

You must know that many breeds of dogs were bred to serve a purpose like helping to hunt, protect and much more. The instinct to be ready for such job is already instilled in many breeds. If your breed shares the similar traits, it would love to help you with your house chores. For example, fetching newspaper, carrying laundry etc.

Make Snacks at Home

Make Snacks at Home

Your pet may not be able to say it loud, but it loves every little extra that you do for it. And, home treats are always the best. You can make cookies, eggs even popsicles during summers to make your pet happy.

Get a Baby Pool Installed

Get a Baby Pool Installed for your dog

If you spend a lot of time in the backyard playing with your pet, why not get your pet a baby pool. This would be a blessing for your dog in the summers. And, a fun to splash some water here and there.

The Conclusion

We have got limited time with our dogs. Dogs are the most wonderful creations and their presence in our lives make a huge difference. Pets are known to release vibes that soothes stress and increases happiness tonic in humans. It is your duty too to make your dog happy for the time he shares his life with you.

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    I have two dogs and I already do most of these. Things but I can’t take them for walks because of school😔🙂 you have great ideas😄❤️

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