Useful Tips: How to Stop a Dog From Barking

how to stop a dog from barking

Every dog bark as barking is the only means of communication for them. However, when this barking becomes excessive and intolerable, it is considered as unhealthy and a behavioral problem that needs attention. And, as a pack leader, you must hop in for the good. However, do you know how to stop a dog from barking. Because you will need few tested tips if you are not seeking a help from an expert.

Often, we choose the ineffective and wrong measures while trying to tame our pets. In turn, we end up making the situation worse. Hence, it is important to know about the dog barking solutions before we start training them. I have curated few tips that would help you find your alternative solution to the wrong measures you have been using till now.

Why Do Dog Bark?

Dog barks for many reasons. Because it is the only way for them to express their feelings, happiness, anxiety as well as fear, you can expect a dog to bark. However, you can control their negative feelings if you wish your dog to become a bit sober and stop barking unnecessarily. However, before jumping to the ways for stopping your pet from excessive barking, let’s know the reasons first.

Out of Fear: A dog is very sensitive to change or unexpected surprises. Even a new toy or an unknown smell can stimulate the fear in your dog and it can start barking.

To Announce their Territory: If you have been walking your dog from quite a while, you must have come through various hiccups when another dog would have started barking out of nowhere. Especially, if you are walking your pet to some place new. This is because dogs are very protective of their territory and they do not like any new person or dog entering that area of their kingdom. Your dog may have been doing the same thing. Even the footsteps around the main door would trigger their barking.

To Greet Someone: You may not like your pet to be silent when you come home. It barks out of excitement to greet you. This is the most rhythmic bark a dog owner can ever hear. I would consider it as positive barking.

Separation and Loneliness: A dog is a pack animal. It likes to stay that way. Many pets cannot take the load of staying alone for most of the hours while you are away. You may be getting complaints from neighbors. But it is all because it misses you. However, you must train your dog for staying calm when you are away to save it from the torture that it must be going through.

To seek Attention: Yes, your pet may bark for nothing but to grab your attention. If you yell at it, your pet wins. And, it would repeat the same thing whenever it would be seeking your attention. So, think before reacting.

Due to Medical Inconvenience: Pets are vocal when it comes to express their pain and anger. When in pain which may be because of any medical reasons, you must seek vet’s attention as soon as you understand the misery of your pet.

How to Stop a Dog from Barking?

Unnecessary barking can put you and your pet in trouble. Your neighbors might be the first one to complain. So, you need to ensure that your pet is tamed before the others start being nosy.

Try to be Calm:

It is obvious that constant barking is very frustrating. However, you must hold your frustration before directing your pet about what to do. Dogs can sense the frustration in you. And, your pet is a mirror image of your feelings. The more frustrated you would sound; the more barking will follow through. So, before you go ahead and scream at your pet right away, hold yourself and take few moments before acting.

Use Assertive Claims to Stop your Pet:

You are the leader of the pack and you must drop in if you feel that you pet is not following your directions. If your pet keeps barking at people ringing your doorbell or trying to get inside the house, use confident and calm posture to stop it from doing so. Use your body and mind and announce your unlikeliness with soothing gestures or sounds. You will certainly get the results.

Provide your Pet the Necessary Exercise:

Many a times a dog keeps barking to loosen up the energy instilled in it. You must provide right amount of exercise and play to your pet in order to restore that energy in positive work. Take it for a walk and challenge it with a bicycle ride. However, remember that all pets are not compatible to undergo such exercises. For example, a pug with little nose and breathing problem can barely make to the main gate of your house. So, keep these things in mind before using the difficult exercise patterns on your pet.

Use Anti Dog Barking Collar: