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Do You Really Know How To Brush Dog’s Teeth At Home?

Do You Really Know How To Brush Dog’s Teeth At Home?

Is your dog giving you a tough time while you try to brush its teeth? Should I even care about brushing his teeth? If you have a pet, ready to face these challenges that surround every pet owner. The question that is very evident after you get your puppy home is how to brush his teeth. While you can learn to feed them and train them for toilets, brushing teeth takes a lot of time to be learned. And, it’s all because very few know the right trick.

Brushing dog’s teeth is not only important to get rid of bad breath but is vital for maintaining their healthy gums and teeth. Like us, dogs also need dental care which most of the pet parents don’t even know. However, this doesn’t make the importance of brushing dog’s teeth any lesser.

Although dogs do not fall prey for cavities, they do suffer from problems like tartar build-up, plaque as well as gingivitis. The more you would research about how important pet’s dental care is, the more you will look for better options to keep the teeth and gums clean. Unlike humans, pet’s unregulated dental care can lead to infections that can soar to liver, kidney and heart.

So, let’s talk in depth about the ways you can brush your pet’s teeth to avoid frustration and resistance from your little paws.

How Can I Brush my Dog's Teeth at Home ??

It might not sound a straightforward way out. You may feel a need to visit a specialist to clean your dog’s teeth, But, trust me, that’s not necessary. How to clean dog’s teeth at home? If that is what you are wondering at the moment, let’s make this suspense over.

You only need to have some patience and the right tools to go for it.

  • Dog’s Special Brush
  • When I mentioned about having the right tools, what comes first in our mind? You are right, toothbrush. Your pet is not going to start it all by itself. It’s you who would be going through every inch of the mouth to clean their teeth. A usual brush may hurt your pets while they trying to resist you. So, get the finger toothbrush for dogs specially designed to make the experience hassle free. These toothbrushes would fit into your finger and you would feel as if you are cleaning the teeth with your finger. So, there are no chance for any accidents which may happen with a normal brush that we humans use.

    Reasons why you should use the  Finger Toothbrush for Dogs

    This finger brush is very helpful in making your pet get used to the brushing routine. What difference this specific brush has over other related products available in the market?

    • Soft and FDA Approved: This brush is FDA approved and made of extra soft material to ensure that the gums and teeth are not harmed during the process. The extra soft bristle does not annoy pets and let pet owners brush their pet’s teeth without much trouble.
    • Curved Bristle Profile: Unlike other products available in the market, this toothbrush has curved profile instead of flat one. This helps in reaching the most difficult spots as well.
    • Handy: This brush is small and handy, and you can carry it in your purse during travels.

    There are many other benefits which you would learn after you start brushing your pet’s teeth with this finger toothbrush for dogs.

    1. Start When the Pet is Tired

      I usually advice people to start this activity when the pet is tired. For example, after their play time when they do not have much energy left to resist. This is the best time to brush their teeth. For the first few times, they will dislike the idea of you getting into their mouth. But, eventually, they will start liking it.

      2. Treat them After they Let you Brush their Teeth

        While training your dog, you must have used this strategy of rewarding them for good things they do. The same case applies here. Make this learning experience for you and your dog, a fun time. Instead of bothering about how to brush dog’s teeth, this is the phase when you should look for their favorite treats.

        Do I need to Brush my Pet’s Teeth?

        After everything I shared above, I feel there is no need for this question. However, if you are still skeptical about the entire decision, let’s talk a little bit more about it.

        While holding your pet, do you sense the intolerable smell coming out of their breath? If yes, ask the question yourself: do I clean my dog’s teeth. No, you aren’t.

        It is vital to notice the changes your ignorance brings to your pets. These guys do not have words to describe how they feel. But, they definitely enjoy when you take care of their health and safety. Watching you by their side, these twinkling eyes feel secure and are ready to give their world for you.

        In exchange, are we not responsible for at least taking care of their basic requirements. And, dental care is highly effective in securing your pet’s overall health. Every single pet parent should ensure that the dog’s teeth is clean and free of plaque.

        There are toys and other stuff available which helps in keeping a check on the dental hygiene of your pet.

        The Conclusion

        As pet parents, we love our buddies. These paw buddies make us feel complete. We do everything to keep them safe and healthy. We do miss out on their dental care because most of us do not even know that this thing means anything for pets. But, the reality is, it does as much as it does for us.

        Dental care is important for your pets. And, you can certainly clean your pet’s teeth at home after knowing how to brush dog’s teeth. It will save you a lot of money that you may spend on the vegetarian appointments. Although it is recommended to brush pet’s teeth daily, even twice or thrice in a week to start with would be fine. Once, you both get used to it, you can start it everyday for your pet’s oral care.

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