5 Dog Grooming Tools for the Do-It-Yourself Dog Groomer

5 Dog Grooming Tools for the Do-It-Yourself Dog Groomer-Ohmyglad

With time, every pet owner is understanding the benefits of grooming their pets at home. Not only it saves a lot of money but provides space for owner as well the pet to bond together. Simply put, it is fun experience to take care of one’s pet basic needs. The best part is, there is no shortage of dog grooming tools available in the market. You only need to understand which one is essential, and which one is an unnecessary buy.

From time to time, it has become evident that no one else can understand your pet better than you yourself. Either its about the grooming gloves for dogs or the dog grooming combs, by only looking at the shelves of the super market, you can pick the one that fits your pet needs. To make this easy, from the list of many tools, I have curated five vital ones that every dog owner should have.

Essential Dog Grooming Tools to Buy

By engaging yourself with your pet’s grooming routine, it would be lucid that few of these routines are highly important for keeping your pet healthy and hygienic. You cannot skip bathing them on time, clipping their nails at a regular interval and cleaning their shed fur that can get on your clothes or furniture.

Think about the cost you would be paying the professionals for every week’s visit. It doesn’t seem very profitable and it isn’t. And, why to spend on things that can be done at home? It is very easy to groom your pet with these dog grooming tools.

Dog Washer 360 Degree Jet

Did you know that the soap stuck after bath becomes the reason for variety of skin problems in your pet? If not, you should know by now. The usual sprays or conventional ways we use to rinse our dog’s fur are not very effective. As dog’s entire body is covered in hair, it is important to take good care while washing away the shampoo during baths.

This product here is the best you can get. The 360 degree washer with pressure supply of water makes it a piece of cake to get rid of excess soap.


  • It is easy to operate and saves a lot of your time.
  • It is useful in providing your pet the refreshing bath while massaging their body.
  • It is available with two modes: one is to form lather with your choice of shampoo and other is for rinsing the fur.