Best Flea and Tick Prevention For Dogs That Works of 2019

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Although there are number of ways to control ticks and fleas, the debate for finding the full proof way for controlling them is still on. Pet owners also keep trying to know what the best flea and tick prevention for their pets is. Unfortunately, not many succeed in understanding the needs of their pet’s body and health.

If you are the one who is struggling to get rid of these stubborn parasites and they keep infesting your little paw friend, don’t blame yourself. This is a natural occurrence. Whatever you do, these parasites would try to find their way out of the most secured environment you provide to your pets.

The best you can do to avoid them is by understanding the prevention and treatment methods that work for sure. There are number of alternatives present in the market. Some are very cheap and are ineffective. Others are too expensive. However, there are those options as well which are effective yet affordable.

If you want to rely on spot on treatments or the tick injections on a regular basis, you may be putting your pet’s health at danger. Hence, it is important to understand which treatment can act as preventive as well as for treating purposes. Above all, who are the enemies we are dealing with.

What are Ticks and Fleas?

Ticks and Fleas are very different from each other. These are the most common parasites that are usually found invading our pet’s body. They feed on the blood of dogs and cats and make them vulnerable to various health issues.


If the name suggests something with wings, change that definition for these fleas. They do not have wings, however, are very mobile. They can jump high and can target your pet from a distance as well. These are around 1/8th inch of size which makes them invisible to naked eyes. They can lay at most 30 eggs in a day. They live for approximately 100 days. You can imagine how fast they multiply.


Unlike fleas, ticks are easy to spot. Their size is slightly bigger than fleas. They look like spider with 8 legs. They can live for three years and can lay more than 1000 eggs at a time. These are highly dangerous and can cause deadly disease such as Lyme and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Best Flea and Tick Prevention Method

It is rightly said: Prevention is better than cure. The same applies to your pet’s health. Even if your pet has never been attacked by any of the possible parasites, it is better to secure them for not getting them ever.

Of all the methods you may have learned so far, tick collar for dogs is the most effective one when it comes to prevention. Now, the question is: how do flea collars work? Only by fastening them around the pet’s neck would help keep our pets safe?

The good news is that these collars do work effectively to avoid your pet from getting infested. If your pet likes to be outside among the tall grasses, you do not need to worry when the collar is on. The tick collars prevent these parasites from getting on the bodies of your pet and save them from the problems these parasites can cause to them.

Advantages of Tick Collar for Dogs

There are many advantages of tick collars over the various chemical infused treatments. Many of these are free from toxins and are completely safe. You can make your paw friends wear these all day long. If prevention is the main concern, you can take them off while they are inside the house.

Many of these collars come with treatment mechanism as well. Apart from preventing the problem, they also help cure it, if the damage is already done. Instead of making your pets susceptible to unwanted allergies, these collars work from outside and are way safer.

If you have already tried these and have failed to get the desired results, you haven’t tried the right ones. There are many cheap products available in the market. Before choosing one, make sure you do the research. Not all products work as specified in their boxes.