Do You Often Brush Dogs Teeth at Home?

Do You Often Brush Dogs Teeth at Home?-Ohmyglad

There are many beliefs from past that take us to the wrong path. One such saying that has been popular from ages is that Dog’s mouth is way cleaner than Humans. You may want to believe in this theory because it is rare that dog owners brush their dog’s teeth. But, the truth is: Dogs do develop dental problems. Does this made you think often brush dogs teeth? If yes, do not be anxious. It is not that difficult.

Relationship between dogs and humans has come along since early age. The more we have found each other welcoming, the better we have got to understand each other’s need. The trust has taken a new definition. A dog does exactly what a master asks him or her to. Hence, getting your dog used to brushing would not be a rocket science.

Although starting the routine when they are pups helps more, that is not a limitation. If you haven’t brushed your pet’s teeth hitherto, you still can start right away. Getting him accustomed to the process may take longer but it is worth all the effort.

Worried About often brush dogs teeth?

Getting professionals to do the work is not the only ultimate solution to this. If you know how to clean dog’s teeth at home, it would be a lot easier and affordable. So, why not know a bit more about your dog’s need?

Every dog is different. Some follow your lead right away and few take time to obey if something new is tried. Hopefully, you must have understood your dog till now. If your dog is hyper and easily get offended when introduced to a new routine, you should go slow.

In the beginning, get your dog all tired. Play with him. Let him fetch for you. Once you realize that he is exhausted, do the trick. Sit close while holding him. Keep talking soothingly while you start brushing the teeth. Being too tired to run away, you will have a lazy dog to work with. This will make your job easier.

Talking to him would help relax him. And, he won’t hesitate to let you put that brush inside his mouth, that may be already open because of excess panting.

Start on a Slow Note

You may feel that the first day of brushing should compensate for all the months of bad breath. However, it should not be the case. Never intimidate or agitate your dog by pushing him to do something. Or else, he would start hating the process for the lifetime. Trust me, you would not like to battle with them every time while brushing their teeth.

Start with few teeth in the front. It is okay if you are not able to reach out to the inner teeth. Once, they are used to it, you can handle those anyway. Increase the time as you do it overtime. This will help your dog in getting used to it.

And, every next time, the brushing process will become simpler, for you as well as for your loved pampered pet.

Introduce the Toothpaste First

For the first time, take a drop of the toothpaste on your finger and let your pet taste it. He should know and identify the taste of the toothpaste. If he does not like the taste, it would be difficult to tame him while brushing the teeth.

If he finds it unpleasant, try some other flavour. Once the flavour is approved by your dog, you will find him asking for it.

Offer Treat After the Process

Have you ever trained your dog to roll over or fetch for you? All the training has a ground rule: Treat your dog for obeying you. The same rule applies to this training as well. By offering them treats you assures him that he did a great job.

Do you know a secret? Your dog loves to know that you appreciate him. And, he can do anything to find those moments of pride.

After you offer treat once done with brushing, your pet will start looking for the event with excitement. This is when the mission is accomplished.

Still Having Problems?

Being a dog owner, I know that even the simplest sounding tasks can be completely different in some cases. It may happen that your dog never gets used to the process. If his teeth bleeds or he seems to be resistant all the time, brushing is not meant for your fur friend. As, you won’t like getting him into an unwanted situation once in every week.

Do I clean my dog’s teeth? If you are thinking of letting the thought of cleaning your dog’s teeth go away, you are making a mistake. If the brushing seems difficult, try other ways. Give him dental sticks, chew bones and visit the veterinarian once a year for dental check-ups.

Professionals will be able to better handle your dog’s case.