The Top 10 Small Dog Breeds with Pictures to Adopt Today

The Top 10 Small Dog Breeds with Pictures to Adopt Today-Ohmyglad

When talking about small breeds, we picture those cuddly and fluffy images of cute dogs who can fit in even the compact houses or apartments. Although this is completely true, we often forget to understand that small breed does not mean less responsibilities. Every pet has its basic requirements, either it’s the ferocious one or the smallest one. Hence, finding out which option would suit you, depending on your requirements, I have curated a list of profiles of some small dog breeds with pictures.

I also prepared a list of 10 cutest dog breeds you can adopt!

Small dog breeds may be a little cheaper to take care of, but when it comes to attention and care, you still have to be as dutiful as you be with any other large breed. Small breeds do need veterinarian visits, healthy food and every possible care. However, you may save a lot on the small size products, food consumption, medicine dosages, transportation and a lot more.

List of Small Dog Breeds with Pictures

Before you choose the one to complete your family, remember that every small breed has distinct personality. If you are looking for a cuddly and sweet pet, you will find one. If your requirements are of a small pet with mightier personality, you can find one with similar traits too. So, decide what you are looking for and then make a stance. It would be easier to take care of your pet when you know a lot about it prior to bringing the little guy home.


This little hound is very popular and cute to own. They have got short and round body with stubbly legs. They do are seen in miniature as well as standard size. If you are looking for a small breed, you can choose the miniature size. You also get to choose between three coats: long, smooth and wire. These breeds make his space efficiently between the members of the family, however, is a bit suspicious of strangers. You may need to have some supervision while introducing them to new faces. But, this does not make them any less attractive and cute.

Shih Tzu

If you look through the camera and find one posing for you, it must be the Shih Tzu. These lovable and popular dogs are very expressive and friendly. You will certainly fall in love with its long hair and silky coat texture. These pets are small but can maintain their hold without a doubt. Highly pampered and are perfect lap dogs.


These can be counted among the world’s tiniest breeds. However, they do have an attitude problem. They are difficult to tame but with proper training, you can socialize them. However, they make for a great companion. You can use words like sassy and active for these breeds. They may keep running around the house and are always alert. They have long and smooth coat and are lovely to look at.


While it is no surprise why these little buddies are so funny, they would take you away from their cleverness as well. Pugs are known as lap dogs and once were noted as the royal breed of China. With wrinkled face and bubbly attitude, you would find them always closer to you. These guys love to stay close to their companions. These are humorous and fond of children. Almost every pug suffers with breathing and eye problems, but with little extra care, you can avoid these situations for best.

Boston Terrier

Are you looking for an even-tempered and smart dog that are loyal to their family? You have got to the right option. These are very affectionate. This breed is a cross breed of English Terrier and an English bulldog. Although they are playful and jovial, they love to spend time on their owners lap too often. Isn’t it difficult to decide which small dog breeds with pictures to choose from as they all look so adorable?      


Cute, friendly, active, lovable, bla, bla and bla. Beagles are not just popular because of their looks but make a great companion too. These beautiful pets with even temper, makes great choice for those looking for a close companion. These are great with scent and can even try to escape looking for a captivating one.

Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon

    Adorable and one of the small size breeds noted by the AKC. These are cute and friendly. All they need is care of love to be your best buddy. They are gentle and requires the same from your end. If you have a family with growing children who like to play rough, you may not want to own this breed. However, if treated with softness, these can be one of the most intelligent pets around.

    French Bulldog

    If you think your apartment is too small to adjust a pet, you can still own French bulldog and it would easily adapt to any size of the house. They have got these distinguishing bat ears and are very alert. You can expect these to be playful and joyful. These can adapt to any place and would make your place lively.  

    Bichon Frise

    If you want to meet a breed that feels friendly with every stranger coming to your place, this is the breed you should look for. These small white breeds with cute fur are easy going with children and are very intelligent. You can trust them for keeping you occupied and joyful. The best part about these breeds are their low coat shedding quality. These small dogs that stay small forever, are a fun to be with.



    These small white breeds are mightier than they look. They are brave and highly vocal. Popular since ancient times and regarded as royalty are still pampered a lot. One of the best small dog breeds that can win anyone’s heart in no time. Looking at these small dog breeds pictures, you can find out what a treat these are for the eyes.

    The Verdict

    Making assumptions about the small dog breeds with pictures looking at their size would put you into adopting the breed that do not match with your expectations. Hence, the descriptions are important to consider. Find the one that can make you home complete and for whom, you can become the life.

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