7 Clever Ways to Keep Dog from Scratching the Door

7 Clever Ways to Keep Dog from Scratching the Door-Ohmyglad

As the pet owner, we usually unknowingly tend to do what our pet wants while trying to stop them from doing something. Same is the case when it’s the problem related to the door scratching. Do you always approach your pet in order to keep dog away from scratching the door? You may not know that your reaching out to him becomes a treat for your pet. Giving them attention makes them repeat the habit. And, you feel exhausted and out of plans while trying to stop them.

Moreover, the cost of replacing a door is not cheap. Mostly, when you will have to do it more often. Even the low cost painting can get you into huge cost when its too often. There is no way you can ignore your pet messing with your door. At the same time, you won’t like to keep your pet tied up all day long. So, finding a solution which is midway can be the only solution to your problem.

How to Keep Dog away from Scratching the Door

You do can protect door from dog scratching. There are several ways to do so. Inculcating good behavior in your pet is the best route to prevent dog scratching the front door. However, if you feel your pet is too stubborn to change, you still have few options instead.

  • Make the Habit go Away
  • As mentioned above, the best way to be in sync with your pet behavior is to understand him. There is always a reason why pets repeat the same mistake even after getting threats from us. The major reason is that the pets enjoy your attention. Hence, the first thing that you can do to make this habit go away is ignore them.

    If the pet is scratching the door while you are close by, get inside another room. Once the scratching stops, come outside. Repeat the same thing for few times. You would notice a change in your pet’s behavior. Making your pet understand that the certain habit is making you uncomfortable and not available to them does the trick most of the time.

  • Inculcate Good Habits in your Pet from Start
  • The best time to train your pet is when it’s still young. You can use a slip leash to train him for accepting orders while you take your pet for a walk. This helps a lot. Once your pet is trained and knows the outdoor times, you can let your pet be on its own when outside. Why to give your pet a chance to ask for the play time. Have a routine and let your fur buddy follow it.

  • Train Not to Scratch the Door
  • There is one more way to train them to stop scratching the door. Pets do not like to stay alone which makes them hyper and they start scratching the door asking you to open it. To train them, shut them alone in any of the rooms. If the scratch, do not open the door. After they have stopped and are silent for 30 seconds, open the door and treat them.

    Do this few times in a day in different rooms. Once they have understood that scratching door does not get them what they want, they will stop.

  • Be Harsh Sometimes
  • I know it is not easy to scold your pet. For few, it’s impossible. But, trust me, you are doing this for your pet’s good. Most of you won’t have to go this far as pets are easy to train. There are few dogs who do not listen. For them, little harsh words go a long way. You can yell at them saying ‘STOP’. You can even make some irritating noise. Once they stop scratching, you too stop making that sound.

    Always remember to reward your pet when it does something that you wanted it to do.

  • Train him to Stay on its Own
  • Many dogs often scratch the door when left alone. Hence, training them to stay alone most often would help a lot. You can teach them the stay command and leave them on their dog bed while you walk away in another room. Treat them after some time by visiting them and calling the stay command off.

    This command would let them feel safe even when you are not around and would reduce the dependence on you.

  • Use Dog Door Shield or Dog Screen
  • If none of the above tricks work for your pet, you should get a door shield or a screen to save your door from scratches. These can be easily installed on your doors with adhesive and works just fine. Now, let the dog scratch the door while you leave them in the house worry free.

    Just remember, door shield can be torn, and you may have to replace them often. But dog screen are a permanent solution. If your pet in an aggressive one, you may have to go for the later one.

  • Use Dog Doors
  • One more way to let your pet have the outdoor time on its own. Install pet doors. You must know about the pet doors that can be installed on your wooden doors. However, you can also install pet doors on the screen doors in the summer when you want your main door open and screen door closed.

    These can save your door from scratches and will save you from spending a lot of money on door replacements.

    The Verdict

    There is always a thin line between loving your pet and being obsessive enough to ignore his unhealthy habits. Do not be confused. It is for your pet’s good to train them and scold them when required. And, you should never walk back when using the right methods for saying ‘NO’ to their obstinance.

    Never let your emotions come in the way of teaching your pets the right habits. So, keep dog away from scratching the door and train them inside the house itself.

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