The Top 10 Cutest Dog Breeds in the World

The Top 10 Cutest Dog Breeds in the World

I believe this is the most difficult job to do, arranging dogs on the scale of curtness. According to FCI (Federation Cynologique International), the world governing body of dog breeds, currently there are 340 breeds in total. The number does differ from nation to nation, but does that even matter when it concerns finding the cutest dog breeds in the world? You would certainly nod with me, won’t you?

Dogs are the prettiest pets one can own provided their love and compassion to the family. Some breeds are friendly, and some are dangerous too. However, that does not stop us from reciprocating the feeling our pets share with us. If you need a breed that can protect your house, you may not go for a lap dog. Or, if you wish to share your bed with a cuddly pet, you will not choose the bulky ones. Giant dogs may seem dangerous to the strangers, but they are still the cutest ones for their owners.

Keeping all the feelings aside, let’s move on to the list which features cutest dogs of the world.

List of Cutest Dog Breeds in the World

I do agree these choices are not chosen randomly and these pets have traits to make them the cutest ones. But, the list may vary for different people as per their preferences. However, these breeds are the ones that are highly admired for their appearance and character worldwide.

  • Pug

  • My list starts with Pugs. I believe cutest word is subjective for these little masters who are mischievous and playful and lazy at times. This sturdy and compact lap dog which are originally bred in China was once a part of the ruling family. These days, you can find this breed making its space in the hearts of people worldwide.

    Because of their distinct features, pugs are known to be the funniest of all breeds. By only looking at their faces, you can think of the cuteness they own. However, those who do not like to be shadowed may not like owning a pug, as pugs cannot resist following their masters.

    You would be amazed to know that of all the skills, pug’s ability to sense their master’s mood is best. These little buddies are known to please their owners. So, if you had a rough day at office, your pug will take those worries away.