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The Top 10 Cutest Dog Breeds in the World

The Top 10 Cutest Dog Breeds in the World

I believe this is the most difficult job to do, arranging dogs on the scale of curtness. According to FCI (Federation Cynologique International), the world governing body of dog breeds, currently there are 340 breeds in total. The number does differ from nation to nation, but does that even matter when it concerns finding the cutest dog breeds in the world? You would certainly nod with me, won’t you?

Dogs are the prettiest pets one can own provided their love and compassion to the family. Some breeds are friendly, and some are dangerous too. However, that does not stop us from reciprocating the feeling our pets share with us. If you need a breed that can protect your house, you may not go for a lap dog. Or, if you wish to share your bed with a cuddly pet, you will not choose the bulky ones. Giant dogs may seem dangerous to the strangers, but they are still the cutest ones for their owners.

Keeping all the feelings aside, let’s move on to the list which features cutest dogs of the world.

List of Cutest Dog Breeds in the World

I do agree these choices are not chosen randomly and these pets have traits to make them the cutest ones. But, the list may vary for different people as per their preferences. However, these breeds are the ones that are highly admired for their appearance and character worldwide.

  • Pug

  • My list starts with Pugs. I believe cutest word is subjective for these little masters who are mischievous and playful and lazy at times. This sturdy and compact lap dog which are originally bred in China was once a part of the ruling family. These days, you can find this breed making its space in the hearts of people worldwide.

    Because of their distinct features, pugs are known to be the funniest of all breeds. By only looking at their faces, you can think of the cuteness they own. However, those who do not like to be shadowed may not like owning a pug, as pugs cannot resist following their masters.

    You would be amazed to know that of all the skills, pug’s ability to sense their master’s mood is best. These little buddies are known to please their owners. So, if you had a rough day at office, your pug will take those worries away.

  • Shih TZU

  • Originated in the Tibetan Plateau, these breeds are known as toy dogs as well. The meaning of their name which means ‘little lion’ is completely different from their character. Shih TZU is affectionate and social breed.

  • Beagle

  • Beagle is again one of the notorious breeds and belongs to the family of small hound. He is great at chasing scents. With even temperament, you will find beagle amiable and determined. If you own a beagle, you would be happy to know that this breed is the world’s eighth most popular dogs by dog breed registration.

  • Puggle

  • Here is the breed that is the accidental cross breed of two of the most popular and cutest dogs of the world, Puggle. Although this accident brought loads of cuteness to the world, it did have a down side. Being cross breeds of two of the most sophisticated breeds, puggles catch allergies easily. Hence, they should be kept monitored for their diet and surroundings. These are the best indoor pets and love socializing with children and people around.

  • Bichon Frise

  • This comes from the family of Bichon breed. This is one of the most non-sporting breeds and love staying indoors. In the UK, they are also known as toy dogs. They are only available in white colour.

  • Boston Terrier

  • Originated in the USA, this breed is known as ‘original gentleman’. The American Kennel Club specifies this breed as the non-sporting breed. Boston Terrier is friendly and lovable. They love to socialize with children as well as strangers. They are sensible in barking which makes them one of the most popular dogs for apartments.

  • Brussels Griffon

  • If you love being around the intelligent yet small breed, you should choose to get Brussels Griffon. These are sensitive in nature with a rough coat that makes them look like a terrier, the little one though. These reflect bossy as well as affectionate character at the same time. Usually think of themselves to be a serious watch dogs and they can become one.

  • BullDog

  • These are again wrinkled face as pugs and are highly popular in the USA. It is sad to know that these breeds have very small life span as compared to the other breeds. They live for 3-10 years. They usually get overweight easily and become prone to various lung and heart diseases.

  • Papillon Dog

  • These dogs are super active and are highly obedient. They have huge energy and like to be involved in different activities. They have long hair. The hair on the ears are long enough to hang a little more than usually and looks like little butterflies sitting on both the ears.

    This breed origination is France and is again from the list of toy dogs.

  • Italian Greyhound

  • While many would consider long hair or fluffiness as the signs of cuteness, some would restrict the definition to elegant and sleek. And, if you are one of those who feel elegance is what you want, why not find your companion in Italian Greyhound. They are over a foot and are highly affectionate.

    The Conclusion

    Knowing that almost every of these could win the prize for the cutest dog in the world, it would difficult to choose the one you would want to be friends with. On the other note, the top cutest dog breeds may fall short if you have an altogether different definition of cuteness.

    So, let your heart speak for yourself while you search for the cutest dog breeds in the world. Who knows you may find someone from the list or someone not from the list. Just know, that all dogs are great and have distinct characters which make them what they are.      

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