HEADS UP! Here Are Several Signs Your Dog is in Pain

Signs Your Dog is in Pain

Dogs may be most expressive animals when it comes to share love with their human companion. But they suffer from pain in silence. There is no easy way for them to define their condition. The condition can be because of an injury or any serious medical problem. Whatever it is, as pet parents, we must seek immediate care for our pets by noticing the signs your dog is in pain.

dog pain

Because dogs cannot express, it becomes difficult to know when they are in agony. Thankfully, they do show us the signs which can easily be picked up if you know about them in advance. However, do not try to provide any medication on your own as many human medicines can harm your furry friend. It won’t even be the last thing you would want for your pet. Isn’t it? If you are thinking: what can I give my dog for pain, ask your vet right away.

What are the Signs your Dog is in Pain?

signs your dog is in pain


As I have already stated before, dogs know their ways of signalling us that there is something discomforting them. It is on us if we take the lead to ensure that they are alright. Seek pain relief for your pet right after you have understood the problem.

To help you know for better, here are few signs to the change in behavior is just temperamental or some serious pain attack.

Are they Aggressive or Anti-Social?

Dogs are very energetic especially when they see you even after a little interval. But if you find them not greeting you at the door or keeping to themselves, this could be a sign of illness and pain. Some dogs may react aggressively. These things should not be avoided and thought that would go in some time. Like humans, dogs do not suffer from mood swings. If they have changed their behavior for you, they are not feeling well.

Lack of Appetite and Sleep Deprivation

Dogs in pain usually lose their appetite. You will even find them difficulty in sleeping. Because of the pain, they won’t be able to take rest properly only making the situation worse. They can even stop drinking enough water. All these signs are an indication that there is something wrong. Do you know that most of the dogs reach the incurable condition only because their humans fail to detect the problem when it started? It is all because of lack of proper knowledge and an ignorance to the change. But, you can always be a hand ahead of those pet parents.

Surge in their Vocal Behavior

Is your dog, out of the blue is yelping, snarling, growling or even howling more than usual? Do not take this lightly. Being more vocal means that your pet is trying to intimate you something that is not right.

Licks It More

Although pet loves to groom themselves, excessive licking themselves is not a good sign. Usually dogs treat themselves by licking and cleaning their wounds. Hence, when you see them licking at a certain site, they must have hurt themselves. A pain cannot be managed by just the lick of your pet, but little did it know. So, take your pet to the right place.

Not Moving a Lot

Your pet may not be sleeping but won’t get up. It would feel difficulty in walking or standing. If this is the case, you are looking at your dog who is in extreme pain. You know what you need to do next. Do not wait and get your pet the required medical attention.

Swelling of Paws and Face

If your pet’s paws, legs or face seem swollen, it may be an indication of infection or even cancer. Also, if you see your pet taking the prayer position with two front legs in air, it could be the abdominal pain. They do so to stretch their abdomen to get some relief. If they constantly do so, it could be sign of problem.

Is It Trembling a Lot?

If your pet is shaking, its not the cold. Dogs do not react to cold that way. Neither do they show those symptoms being old. It is most likely that you pet is shivering or trembling with pain.

Heavy Breathing is a Sign

Few breeds pant a little more. However, if your pet is panting even when resting, it is not a good sign. You must act fast.

If your Pet Asking for Affection and Attention

Pets who are in pain reaches out to that one person dearest to them. If your pet is seeking your attention and love a lot more than usual, try to analyse the situation a bit more. And, if you feel something is not right, its time to get the vet’s appointment at the earliest.

Squinting Pupil

When there is pain in the eyes, dogs squint more and even you can notice the smaller pupils. However, if the pain is in the other parts of the body, the pupils will become bigger. If you notice these changes, seek help.

The Verdict

Like humans, dogs also go through a lot of changes in their life. Sometimes, the pain could be because of an injury. However, other times, it could signify a bigger problem. There are many disease and illness in dogs that trigger pain and make them completely uncomfortable.

Those who are not aware of these signs may end up in unavoidable situations which no pet parent would like. For every human, their pets are the most precious gift. And, losing that gift because of one’s own fault is the biggest loss one can think of.

Therefore, you should never neglect the signs your dog is in pain that you may repent later. This does not mean that you directly come to any conclusion by just looking at the changed behavior. But, keep an eye on it. If it continues to stay that way, you must act fast.

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