Wanna Name Your Puppy ? Here Are 10 Unique Boy Dog Names !

10 Unique Boy Dog Names

Recently became a dog parent? You must be excited to welcome your pet in your house and introduce him to the new place. In midst of everything, naming your dog would again be a challenge. Usually, pet parents want to name their dogs according to their personality. Although there are many names, choosing unique boy dog names aren’t easy.

Puppies take no time to become an adult dog. If you are thinking of choosing boy puppy names to tag your cute fur buddy, do not forget that the tiny name may not connect his heavy stature later. So, I prefer name that can very well define a pet’s attribute as a whole.

You can use funny names as well as names that are inspired by celebrities or avatars. You can choose a name that is completely new to spell or something unusual. It totally depends on your choice. Whatever you choose for the best, your pet will like it anyway. Dogs never complain and trusts us for their every need. So, isn’t it our job to know what’s best for our fur buddies?

What Things to Consider before Choosing the Male Dog Names?

While you may feel its just a name, a lot of things depend on your pet’s name. You would be calling his name for trainings which would make a huge impact on how your pet would turn up later. Changing names is even a tougher job. While it will take time for your pet to respond to the new name, it would be difficult for you to adjust with the new name as well.

So, why to make that mistake in the first place. Choosing a name that can let you define your pet as well as yourself is what you should be looking for. There are certain things that would help you decide for better if you consider them in the beginning.

The Breed of your Pet: It makes a huge difference. Can you imagine how it would sound to call your German Shepherd, Jerry. I mean, listen to yourself. Would you like your macho pet to be looked upon as someone who is more like a cuddle toy? You won’t. You would have got yourself a Pug otherwise.

The Color of your Pet: Many of us like to name our pet for their color. And, this is perfectly fine. If your pet is chocolaty, a name like Coco will definitely do the justice. And if, your pet is white as snow, you can name it Sesi.

The length of the Name: Not only smaller names are easy to call, it is easier for your pet to catch it too. A name is not a tag for your pet, its like a trigger after which something happens every time. This is how your pet recognize that name. A shorter name is easy to respond to for your pet.

The Attitude of your Pet: Some pets are aggressive, and some are cool. Some like strangers and some do not. You can pick the name that better defines your pet. For example, a chihuahua is rather tiny but is quite aggressive. And, it barks a lot. On the contrary, a Saint Bernard is huge but mostly calm. You can choose the name that defines the character of your pet alongside justifying its breed.

Use of Hard Constant Sound: According to some experts, a hard constant sound impacts a dog more than other sounds. For example, your pet can easily recognize names starting with ‘C’ or ‘K’. The truth is, choosing a name is more about mixing your creativity with art and science.

Stay Away from Confusing Names: Short and choppy names are great. However, ensure that the name does not rhymes with the command words. For example, ‘Hump’ sounds more like ‘Jump’ and ‘Rick’ sounds like ‘Pick’. ‘Ray’ can be confused with ‘Stay’ and ‘Kit’ with ‘Sit’. It is important that your pet doesn’t behave unusual when you call its name.

Recommendations for Unique Boy Dog Names  

If you are up for the task, let’s look at some unique boy dog names which can help make your puppy feel special. At least, you won’t like to embarrass yourself in the dog park and neither would your will like the disappointment. Pets do have the way to sense our emotions. That is why they are the best friends with humans.

Unique Boy Dog Names
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These male dog names are picked in no order of their popularity. These are most unique names which you can choose as per your liking:


Hulk the dog

Do you know that human names and especially the superheroes names are highly popular among pets. If your pet is huge and ferocious, this name would go just fine.


tarzan the dog

I would advice to pick this name if your dog is too athletic. If it shows a kind of energy which is difficult to compete, give him the honor to be the Tarzan.


big dog breed

If you want your pet to seem bigger than the average size, it can be in terms of barking, activeness, this name would be the right fit. I t means bigger than the average size. You can call it ‘the Giant’.


small dog name

If you have a small dog and you are looking for a funny name, go with this one.


small dog name

This again is another name that will sound great with smaller breeds.


 dog chipper name

A cute and adorable name for twinkling little eyes.


 male dog name

Do you like calling you pet a family member. Why not give him a name that sounds like a human name?


 Pongo dog name

A cute and funny name that is popular and still one of the unique boy dog names which has stood the test of time.


 everest dog name

A name with stature. Pick this one if your pet is a real ranger.


 Beethoven dog name

While every dog is equally caring for its master, this name has an emotional touch to it.

    The Conclusion

    Names are always easy to find, but difficult to choose. These unique boy dog names would make the task easier for you. Choose the one that you can call with ease and your pet will love too.

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