5 Tips for Puppy Proofing Your Home

Puppy Proofing Your Home

Is this the first time you are planning to add a new member to your home? If yes, you will need to prepare a lot before that cute cuddly fur buddy arrives at your door step. Puppies are full of energy and their curiosity lead their way to anything that seems approachable. Hence, puppy proofing your home is a must for safety of your pup as well as your belongings.

Dogs are adventurous by nature. And, while they are young, this instinct is at its peak. You may find your puppy chewing on your TV remote the one second and the other second it may ride on your shoe and tore the shoe lace. This poky little fella is a lot more fun and even a heck of a huge responsibility. So, prepare yourself with some important guidelines before taking this huge step.

Like every other member of your family, your puppy will need its own space as well as room to explore. Dog proofing houses will ensure that your puppy do not harm things here and there and in turn stays safe too. First time dog owners tend to make a few mistakes. And, it is okay to make some. But, knowing what pet parenting entails, one can stay away from mistakes that can cost you unbearable pain.

Ways to Puppy Proofing your Home

A puppy brings a lot of joy to a home. In addition, it does bring a lot of pain sometimes when not given the proper place to grow and learn. Also, being puppies, they tend to munch on everything they get. It is also called the teething period. But you can always surprise them by staying ahead of everything.

Get Rid of Poisonous Plants

poisonous plants
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We usually have plant inside the house to decorate the interior a little. However, few of these plants could be highly poisonous to your little buddy if chewed. If you think your pet is too small to climb on them, it can surprise you any day. Plants that may harm your puppy are moms, tulips, aloe, azalea, lily, saga, palm, tobacco and marijuana.

If you do not want to throw these away, you can find a place for these plants where your puppy is not able to reach.

Stow Away the Loose Cords and Wires

loose cables

When I said anything, I meant anything. Puppies are not choosy when it comes to munch on something. And the lose wires scattered all over the place can become your puppy’s chew toy in no time. If it is wired in the plug, you puppy may get electric shock. Hence, it is very important to manage these wires wisely to make it look unappealing to your puppy.

You can untangle the cords and wire and electric tape it to make your house a safe playground for your new friend. Try to place it as discreetly as possible.

Keep your Electronics Locked up

dog holding iphone

You have heard it right. It is the right time to become a bit tidy yourself or you will let your puppy destroy everything. Puppies love destroying remote and gadgets. It can be your iPhone or an iPod. Can you give away those stuffs just like that?

Be a bit shrewder than your puppy and lock these possessions in the right place. Do not leave these any where near to your fun fellow. If you have kids in your house, remember to tell them the same thing. Or else, their electronic toys that usually end up on the floor would be gone any day.

Human Foods are Not Very Healthy for Puppies

dog eating human food

If your puppy will get a chance, it will munch on all your food within its reach. Either it’s the open garbage, fruits on the table or any canned food just lying on the sofa. Your puppy will find a way to get to them if it’s in the approachable limits.

The problem with having human foods can be many. From chocking to vomit to upset stomach. Your puppy can fall seriously ill. A puppy is very vulnerable during the early months of its birth. Even after the first few months vaccination is completed, you must keep an eye on what to feed and what not to.

Especially, you must be wary of giving him the flexibility of choosing its own meal. So, keep away foods that are dearer to you. Sharing is fine, but it should be at your will. When you know that your food won’t do any harm to your adorable little puppy.

We already made a list of vegetables a dog can eat with ease and without any bad circumstances.

Keep the Toilet Lid Closed

dog looking through toilet

If you have heard about dogs drinking from the toilet pots, you have heard it right. Dogs love to drink from toilets and it is not at all hygienic as well as very unsafe. Pets are susceptible to bacterial infection more than humans are. It is because they sniff and lick dirty places and things. Adding more option for them would be disastrous.

Moreover, you won’t like kissing a puppy that drinks from the toilet. Take the ball in your court and make Puppy proofing your home the first assignment before you bring the pet to your house. Or else, you would find it difficult later to handle all the chaos it might get you into.

As an additional tip, you must prepare your other pet if there is one. It is for those pet parents who are bringing another dog or own any other pet beforehand.

The Conclusion

Puppies are cute and mischievous. You can expect every little fun to become into something serious if not handled with care and supervision. Pet parents who are new can find it difficult to manage things at once. However, a little help will always be great.

So, read as much as you can before your welcome a new member to your home. Puppy proofing your home would just be the start. However, it will all fall into place after a little while. And, you will feel lucky to have such a lovely companion at your place.

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