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The 5 Best Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

The 5 Best Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

No matter which breed your dog belongs to, munching on furniture and other stuffs at home is always a concern for pet owners. While there are many reasons for a dog to do that, there is one best way to make them stop doing so. If you are still struggling to save your furniture and fabrics from your dog’s teeth, there is no way you can ignore getting the best dog toys for aggressive chewers.

Chewing toys are not just for entertainment but these serve a lot of other major purposes in your pet’s life. And, if you won’t get your pet any of these toys, your dog will find one by himself. It can either be your new mobile phone or the favorite shoes. Hence, it is better to decide yourself rather than giving the job to your fur friend. You cannot be always lucky that he finds something inexpensive.

What are the Best Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers?

There are many toys in the market and you may get confused as which one to pick. Some would be too hard that your pet won’t like it or the other would be too soft which would not stand even the first bite. Hence, it is very important to make the right choice when you are looking for the best dog toys for aggressive chewers.

  1. Watermelon Dog Toys for Chewers:

    This dog toy is shaped as a slice of watermelon with spaces on the sides for better grip. This is very durable and can stand the test of time. Either you have a small dog or the large one, this toy comes in different sizes to fit every pet’s need. It is made of non-toxic material and is very safe. Your fur buddy will love playing with this toy.
  2. Chew Resistant Dog Toy:

    While you are not home, you leave all your stuffs on the mercy of your pet. Its him who choose which one of your favorite things to destroy. However, by simply gifting your pet any of the various styles available with these indestructible dog toys could be the game changer. These toys are great for your pet’s gum and teeth exercise as well.
  3. Bite Resistant Dog Stick Toy:

    If you are looking for the dog toys that are indestructible, look no further. Pets love to chew on things that seem challenging to destroy. And, this rope shaped toy would never let its guard down and will keep your pet engaged all day long for many years to come.
  4. Chew Resistant Dog Tire Toy:

    If your pet always looking for something to chew on? Give your pet this tire toy which is simply irresistible. Your pet will not ask for anything else. This toy is safe and highly durable. It is made of non-toxic material and will not break with the toughest teeth as well. Either you are looking to soothe the teething problem of your pet or just want for the pet who is used to chewing, this toy will never fail.
  5. Dog's Rope Knot Toy:

    This one toy will solve two problems at a time. You can not only let your pet chew this toy but can also play tug of war with your pet. This toy is all that you need for your furry friend. Play and train together. This toy also helps in avoiding plaque build-up and keeps your pet’s teeth and gum healthy.

What are the Qualities of the Dog Toys that are Indestructible?

As I said before, not every chew toy would stand on your expectation. You will have to have the right eye to look for the one that satisfies all your needs. A pet store has all kinds of stuffs. But, to know the best choice for your pet is something only you can find out.

You should always consider looking for few important details before making the purchase.

  1. The Dog Toy is Made of Hard Material: Dog’s teeth and gums are very strong. Hence, you can expect your pet to be capable of destroying most of the things at home. And, if you do not want the same thing happening to the toy you get for your pet, choose the one that is made of hard material. It should be hard enough that your pet cannot break it into pieces.
  2. It should not be too Hard: Do not get confused. You must know that the hardest of the material is not going to do the job right. When testing the hardness of the toy, you must not get your pet an iron rod which may hurt their teeth. A durable toy would be hard but at the same time soft enough not to hurt their gums. You can check that by pressing the toy and if you find your thumbnail impression making its way through the toy, you have found the right one.
  3. It should be Conceptually Shaped: Do you know that dogs are very great at locating the weak points which are vulnerable to their chewing strength? If a toy is not uniform in shape, your pet will find the point to attack and would ultimately break the toy into pieces.
  4. It should be sized perfectly: Size does matter. If you are getting a toy that is too small, your pet can shallow it. This would turn into the most unwanted accidents. And if, the size is too big to fit in your pet’s mouth, he won’t be interested in playing with the toy.

The Conclusion

The task that seems easiest always turns out to be the toughest. This is what happens usually when we try to find the best dog toys for aggressive chewers. A lot of times, we end up getting something that is useless. Hence, there is no harm in looking for some help. After all, you are spending your money, won’t you like to get something worth that amount?

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