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12 Dog Captions for Lovely Instagram Dog Pictures

12 Dog Captions for Lovely Instagram Dog Pictures

Dog lovers are always in the hunt for the right angle to click their pet’s picture. However, don’t you think that the pictures without a dog caption seem life without soul. How about adding some great dog caption to those pictures for better defining their purpose? Next time, when you are uploading a picture of your pet on the Instagram, do not forget to add Instagram dog captions for perfecting the post.

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Since long back, when you were not even born, dogs came into human’s life as partners. These paw creatures have been making our lives easier since then. Dogs are the sweetest gift to human race. It is believed that these animals can turn anyone’s mood on. Studies have also shown that people owning pets are less likely to go into depression. In the USA, almost every third family owns at least one dog.

funny dog meme

These fur buddies are the great combination of fun and love. You can share your couch with your paw friend while watching your favorite movies as well as put them to work around the house with little training. They watch your house without asking for it. You can always feel at ease when your dog comforts you with their love.

Isn’t that difficult to find few words explaining the dedication your pet showers on you? It sure is. Still, you can try to put together your love for your pet in puppy quotes with those beautiful images for the perfect shot.

Why Dog Captions are Popular for Instagram Photos?

A picture says a thousand words. However, a picture with a caption says exactly what you are feeling. We usually click pictures of our dogs and only few can connect to the emotions we feel as a dog owner. Adding captions these pictures would better display the feeling to those looking at our clicks.

You can add funny as well as emotional quotes to the clicks and your dog may get you quite a popularity over the web. Both picture and dog captions are incomplete without each other.

Dog Captions are catchy. These captions let you explain your love and what you are feel at that particular moment while clicking the picture of your adorable pet. Above all, when you go back to that post, you can still rewind the exact moment you had with your dog.

12 Unique and Lovely Dog Captions

If you have understood what difference a dog caption can bring to your clicks, here are few examples to start with:

We all have the notion that our dog is the best of all kind. The funny part is that none of us are wrong. Here is the dog caption for all those pet parent
    • “Everyone thinks they have the best dog, and none of them are wrong”

    Looking for a funny caption that tags the funniest character of your pet, here is the one.
      • “If you are planning to become a dog mom, stop minding escorts to the washroom.”

      Being a woman is characterized by the love for accessories over other important things. However, it is not true and who would know this better more than the woman herself.
        • “Whoever said that diamonds are a woman’s best friend, never owned a dog.”

        A dog always listens to you carefully even when you do not make any sense. Because, for a dog, you are the world and your words are scribbled on stone.

          I say the dumbest things to my dog and he gives me a look saying:

          • “Wow! You are so incredible. How could you even think about such thoughts?”.

          There is only one thing that is true to its soul. It is your dog. It would never fake and will remain what it is.
            • “If you hate fake friends, get a dog. It is exactly what it seems.”

            How about some funny quote to the moments clicked in just the right time?
              • “I licked it. Its mine now.”

              Let’s talk about the dog quote written for a reason. A quote written by J W Stephens.
                • "Be the person your dog thinks you are.”

                A quote by Kinky Friedman which signifies the meaning of love. Not all humans make for the right dog parent. Those capable of love does.
                  • “Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.”

                  Dogs are our best friends and their presence count a lot.
                    • “Your Paw was always there when I needed a hand.”

                    One of the best dog captions for explaining the meaning of dogs in our lives.
                      • “You’ll never get the dog that you want, you’ll always get the dog that you need.”

                      A heart melting caption which would stand for the test of time.
                        • “After years of having a dog you know him. You know the meaning of his snuffs and grunts and barks. Every twitch of the ear is a question or statement, every wag of the tail is an exclamation.”

                        For those who tackle a lot of dog haters. If you have relatives and friends that ask you to lock your dog when they visit you, here is how to make them notice your feeling.
                          • “If my dog makes you uncomfortable, I’d be happy to lock you up in the other room.”

                          The Take Away

                          It is a no brainer to understand that those who love dogs do not think of these little buddies as trophies. These cute eyes are not things that make your house look beautiful. Rather, these paws are to fill your heart with compassion and love.

                          For pet lovers, it is a proud feeling to be associated to their fur buddies as their parents and not masters. A small word makes a huge difference.

                          These dog captions are just ways to tell your feelings to others who cannot connect to your feelings. When others can think of millions of unreasonable reasons to find dog lovers unusual, you have just one enough to know how unlucky they are, deprived of the true love which is available to dog parents without trying.

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