6 Clever Tips to Prevent Dogs from Digging Up Your Yard

Prevent Dogs Digging Up Your Yard

If you find your dog missing being around you, it must be in the backyard digging some hole in between your favorite flower beds. Expect it to make those silly faces when you catch your pet red handed. I bet, you would want to yell but will fall for your pet’s adorable expression every time. This is very common as pets have the habit to just dig. But the good news is that you can prevent dogs from digging. And, there is not one, but many ways to change this habit of your fur buddy.

Pets are precious and so do our beautiful flowers and vegetables. Although it might seem difficult at first to refrain your pet from digging into your lawn, the right tips would make it easier for you. Some pets do it as they need activity and some just likes to dig. Only by understanding the behavior of your pet, you would be able to treat it in the right way.

It is okay to try a few things to ensure you know what your pet needs. Once you are on the same page, it would become easier for you to train your pet not to dig.

How to Prevent Dogs from Digging?

Prevent Dogs from Digging Up Your Yard

If you think that your pet’s digging is spoiling hours of hard work you put into decorating your backyard, it is time you teach your pet a lesson. There are many positive ways for doing so. You do not need to be the bad cop while trying to solve the problem. We all love our pets and it is difficult for every pet parent to be harsh to their fur buddies. So, I always recommend solutions that are handy and friendly.

1. Contract the barrier with moat

Do you think your pet dig at the same spot, especially under the fence? If yes, it might want to go out. However, you can prevent dog digging from under fence by constructing a moat with a bedding made of pinecone. It looks trendy and at the same time is too harsh for your dog’s soft paws. Your pet won’t go struggling inside the bedding. You can think of it as a permanent solution. However, if your pet is digging for other reasons, this solution won’t be very useful.

2. Use blow up balloons

Pets are startled with random sound. No dog loves to play with balloons as they burst and make annoying sound. You can use these blow-up balloons to stop dog digging holes. If your pet dig at certain spots, bury the balloons at those spots. When your pet will dig, the balloons will burst. It is a tested solution and has helped many pet parents. You can utilize this solution too to prevent your pet from digging.

3. Address the problem of heating

Most of the pets dig into the lawns when they need a cosy place which is cool enough to provide them ease during summers. If you think that the problem is persistent during summer seasons, you have understood the problem. In such case, ensure that you pet has a cool place to rest. You can also try bathing your pet twice or thrice during summers. If that seems impossible, allot a digging spot to your pet and train them to dig at the same place whenever they need to rest.

4. Place digging deterrents

If your pet digs at certain spots which most of the pets do, you can use digging deterrents to stop them. Deterrents could be some strong smelling or hard surface deterrents. For example, you can bury citrus peel, rose bushes, flat stones and many other things that your pet does not like. Only ensure not to bury things that can hurt your pet severely.

5. Use Distraction

Dogs are full of energy. They need activities and exercise to spend that energy. If they have nothing to do, they engage in destructive things. So, if your pet seems too hyper and you have sensed that, give your pet some alternative such as fun play and toys to divert their energy into something meaningful and healthy. You can also try chew toys and various games together.

6. Take out for a walk

If nothing works, take your pet for a walk. Ensure that your pet is exhausted when you return. This works most of the time. Pets like to go out with their master. And, it is also one of the best exercises for your pet. Hence, if you think that your pet is too stubborn to listen to you, take it out for a long walk. You will see the difference. However, do not walk your dog right after it starts digging. Otherwise, it will do it often when wanting to go out. The best time would be before he starts digging. If it has a pattern of time, you will know when to take it out with you.

Why Dogs Dig?

why dogs dig ?

Sometimes, pets dig only to get your attention. However, there are many other reasons too. Your pet must be signalling you for something. Or, it may dig to play.

Even when your pet wants to go out, it tries to make its own door from under your fence. Dogs may also may dig to create a cool space to relax during hot weather.

Dogs love to involve themselves in activities and play. When alone, pets dig to get rid of their boredom. Hence, it is important to understand the reason before treating the problem.

The Takeaway

Digging is the very common behavior every dog showcase. If you live in an apartment with no backyard, you may find your pet scratching the floor as if it’s digging your backyard. So, there is nothing to worry about. By following the right solution, you would certainly be able to prevent dogs from digging unwanted holes into your yard.

There are even cases where many pet owners have trained their pets to help them with landscaping and gardening as dogs are great diggers. So, if you think you cannot prevent dogs from digging, channel their energy into something useful.

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