A Dog Harness or Collar: Which Is Better for Your Pup?

a dog harness or collar

A dog harness or collar? This may seem a tricky thing to decide but knowing what the difference between these two is, would make the task a lot easier. Moreover, your pup’s breed, size and activity level will also help you decide which option would be the best for your fur buddy. If you have walked a lot of dogs, you must know the challenges one faces. While some pets are tamed others would make it difficult for you to choose the route as per your will.

Collar and harness are designed for different purposes. While collars have been in use for a long time, as the advantages of harness is getting obvious, more dog owners are getting inclined towards getting a harness instead of collars. However, you must take many things into consideration before purchasing a dog harness or collar.

A Dog Harness or Collar?

Looking at all the perspective, I would suggest checking for following things before buying a harness. If you feel that the answer to none of the listed pointers is a ‘YES’, you can go with the traditional collars.

  • Is your pet too active and keeps pulling you while outside?
  • Does your pet choke itself when trying to pull you?
  • Does your pet coughs when the collar is on?
  • Is your pet not friendly with strangers? 
  • Does your pet have breathing problems? (Pugs usually have breathing problems and are better in harness than in collars)
  • Is your pet too old?
  • Does your pet keep changing directions randomly?

A harness is the right choice for those pups that need training and usually keep pulling the leash when outdoor. Harness provide better control and grip over your pet’s movement without hurting their neck or choking them.

However, harness can be a bit uncomfortable for many pets. The rough edges of harness can hurt your pet’s skin if they are left with these on for a longer duration. On the contrary, a collar is safer when tied correctly and not too tightly. Hence, if your pet does not show any of the above characteristics, it is better to go with the traditional collar.

Above all, you can look for signs from your pet. It can direct you if the harness makes it happy or the collar. And, you can make the decision accordingly.

Best Choices for Dog Collars and Harnesses

Depending on whatever you would like to buy: a dog harness or collar, here are few suggestions to pick from.

Adjustable Dog Harness – Denim: