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A Dog Harness or Collar: Which Is Better for Your Pup?

A Dog Harness or Collar: Which Is Better for Your Pup?

A dog harness or collar? This may seem a tricky thing to decide but knowing what the difference between these two is, would make the task a lot easier. Moreover, your pup’s breed, size and activity level will also help you decide which option would be the best for your fur buddy. If you have walked a lot of dogs, you must know the challenges one faces. While some pets are tamed others would make it difficult for you to choose the route as per your will.

Collar and harness are designed for different purposes. While collars have been in use for a long time, as the advantages of harness is getting obvious, more dog owners are getting inclined towards getting a harness instead of collars. However, you must take many things into consideration before purchasing a dog harness or collar.

A Dog Harness or Collar?

Looking at all the perspective, I would suggest checking for following things before buying a harness. If you feel that the answer to none of the listed pointers is a ‘YES’, you can go with the traditional collars.

  • Is your pet too active and keeps pulling you while outside?
  • Does your pet choke itself when trying to pull you?
  • Does your pet coughs when the collar is on?
  • Is your pet not friendly with strangers? 
  • Does your pet have breathing problems? (Pugs usually have breathing problems and are better in harness than in collars)
  • Is your pet too old?
  • Does your pet keep changing directions randomly?

A harness is the right choice for those pups that need training and usually keep pulling the leash when outdoor. Harness provide better control and grip over your pet’s movement without hurting their neck or choking them.

However, harness can be a bit uncomfortable for many pets. The rough edges of harness can hurt your pet’s skin if they are left with these on for a longer duration. On the contrary, a collar is safer when tied correctly and not too tightly. Hence, if your pet does not show any of the above characteristics, it is better to go with the traditional collar.

Above all, you can look for signs from your pet. It can direct you if the harness makes it happy or the collar. And, you can make the decision accordingly.

Best Choices for Dog Collars and Harnesses

Depending on whatever you would like to buy: a dog harness or collar, here are few suggestions to pick from.

Adjustable Dog Harness – Denim:

If you are looking for a harness that is sturdy yet comfortable, take a peek on this choice. This dog harness has the denim styling on the top and the interior is made of nylon which makes it comfortable too. It is durable and very trendy. It is designed to provide a no pull experience by distributing the pressure around the chest and the shoulders. The harness can be adjusted as per the size of your pup. Your pup will enjoy walking in this harness for sure.

Adjustable Padded Dog Harness:

This halter style harness has padded top to provide extra cushioning to your pet. The harness is made with a mixture of cotton and canvas fabric. This no pull harness is easy to fasten and is very comfortable for long walks as well. The belt is adjustable, and you can use it for any breed of any size. If your pet is sensitive, this harness will pamper its skin and keep him cosy during the walks.

Led Light Dog Collar:

If you wish to stick with the traditional collar, here is the twist in the design to get your pet a fresh look and at the same time, ensuring its safety. The collar has the LED light in it which makes it visible during the dark nights. So, if your pet likes to wander off, let him have the fun of walking around without the leash. While, you can still have his leads because of the LED light installed in the collar.

2 in 1 Dog Leash Collar:

If your pet makes it difficult to strap the collar around its neck, take the easy route. This collar is easy to use. Just hover the collar through the head and tighten the strap to adjust. The job is done. This collar is easy to put on. It is equally easy to release this too using the same pattern. The collar is adjustable and is very comfortable for your pet to wear.

Things to Remember when Using Harness

If you have decided to use a harness, there are certain things that you must consider. Never get your pet outside without an identification tag. Most of the times, dog owners forget to put identification when the pet is on a harness. However, this should not be ignored. You never know which sound would alert your pet and it may leave the house in search of it.

There are many pets who do not like to be put on a harness for a long time. Hence, if you feel that your pet is feeling uncomfortable, take the harness off when resting inside the house. This will make your pet feel at ease.

A harness can sometimes be difficult to adjust. However, you should always ensure that the harness if not hurting your pet and is well adjusted as per the size of your pet.

The Conclusion

Are dog harnesses better than collars? If this question is bugging you, do not let the talks mislead you. While a harness can be the best option for one dog owner, the collar can be for others. It entirely depends on the usage requirements.

You can always switch from a harness to a collar and vice versa to see which one is better in your case. Your pet will let you know if a dog harness or collar is what it wants. You will anyway need at least one of these to take your pet for the walks outside.

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