Why Dogs That Don't Shed Are the Best!

dogs that don't shed

There are many reasons why people look for dogs that don’t shed. Most commonly, a clean and fur free house is the main attraction. However, there are other reasons too. Few pet owners are allergic to dog’s hair. Some have problems with dog hair scattered around the house with a toddler making his/her way through the mats.

If you are seeking dog breeds that don't shed, do not be disappointed. There is such thing as Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds. These are non shedding dog breeds who can still be in your house and the furniture won’t even notice it. These breeds do shed but very less as compared to the other dog breeds.

The shedding rate depends on a lot of factor. If you think that a dog with tiny hair would be the perfect choice, you are completely wrong. The size of the breed or hair do not decide if the dog would shed or not. However, it is the texture, rate of growth and skin type that do the math. You can find dogs with long hair and less shedding. Similarly, you can also find dogs with tiny hair but a lot of shedding.

Common Myths about the Dogs that don't Shed

Those who look for pets that so not shed often end up with the ones that shed the most. This is because of the common myths and general misconceptions that lead us to the wrong choice or improper grooming routine of our pets.

Dogs without Hair won’t Shed: There is no dog that comes without hair. All dogs are covered in hair. The tiny hair that many confuse with the outer layer of skin won’t get you the expected results. With my experience, I have noticed that the tiny hairs are comparatively difficult to clean in comparison to the longer hair.

Non Shedding Dogs won’t need Grooming: This again is a huge misconception that often leads to destroying one’s own pet’s hair. Every dog needs grooming. You must comb your pet’s hair regularly to ensure that there aren’t any knots formed. What if you do not brush your hair for a month? You will be able to relate to that misery. Tangled hair easily breaks and can make your shed free pet, a highly shedding breed.

Vet Appointment can Replace Home Grooming: Some pet parents feel that grooming can be skipped if the pet visits Vet regularly. However, you will have to make room for grooming at home as well. At the end of the day, pets are our responsibility and we cannot keep ourselves free of those responsibilities entirely.

Long Hair Comes off Easily: As I have mentioned before, the length of the hair does not signify if the dog is hypoallergenic or not. Even there are breeds with very long coat that do not shed.  

List of Dogs that Don't Shed

Although one cannot be entirely sure about the results, these breeds are still the safest options to choose from. Some non shedding breeds can also show shedding traits depending on their traits that they carry from their ancestors.

You must take these tips as a guideline for finding the right pet for your house. However, the results will only be oblivious with time.

Bedlington Terrier:

Bedlington Terrier

This breed looks like lamb. And, their characteristics are also closer to lambs. They are sweet and calm. This breed comes in small to medium size stature. However, being a terrier, their energy level is on a higher side. Talking about their coat, the hair comes in mixed texture. It is soft and harsh at the same time. Although they do not shed at all, they need combing and trimming regularly as their hair grows fast.

Brussel Griffon:

Brussel Griffon:

You won’t find this breed in every third home because they have a price tag attached to them. They fall in the category of watchdogs and have friendly attitude. They are known to bond with one person more than the others in the family. And, these are great around kids. The best part is that they do not shed at all.

Shih Tzu:

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu are small dogs with friendly and loyal attitude towards their master. This breed is known for shedding less or not at all. The hair comes off when combed or broken. These dogs have long hair, however, strong enough to keep away the mess.

Border Terrier:

Border Terrier

If you are looking for a pet that is active and can keep your house free of rodents, here is your option. Border Terrier is known for its hunting instincts. They resemble foxes and are hyper active too. These dogs are intelligent and sharp. With all the positive notes, they are also a great family companion. Most of all, they shed little and will require a weekly brushing to keep that away too.

Portuguese Water Dog:

Portuguese Water Dog

This muscular breed with lots of energy instilled in its nature make a great option for family pet. The breed shed very little. However, it requires regular grooming often. Look no further if you like to have a companion that is clever and stays loyal to your family.



You may have seen this breed performing at various dog shows. These are one of the most popular breeds around the world. These have great coat and they shed very little. This breed comes in three sizes: Toy, Miniature and Standard. You have got one more advantage of getting this breed. Poodles are odorless. They have no doggy smell. If you are smell sensitive and still dying to bring a four-legged companion to your house, go for Poodle.

The Conclusion

Pets are adorable. But, most of us do not like the idea of dog hair all around the house. However, why to wait if you know that there are dogs that don't shed. If you love to have a dog walking around your place while dislike the unclean house because of the stranded hair, do not worry. You can make the choice from among the various hypoallergenic breeds available.

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