4 Unbelievable Stories Of The Anti Dog Barking Collar

4 Unbelievable Stories Of The Anti Dog Barking Collar

Knowing that someone is always there to take peace out of your life’s equation can sometimes be frustrating. After a long week of work and torture, all you wish is a silent place where you can rest your mind. However, pets make that part difficult, especially those who bark a lot. If you stay in an apartment, things become even worse. How many times your neighbors just knock only to complain about your pet’s barking habits? For the same reasons, experts came with an idea to train pets with anti dog barking collar.

These dog anti barking collars are designed to train pets with a minimal shock that increases with every simultaneous bark. The shock is bearable and does not pose any health hazard to your loved companions. But, you must follow the instructions to ensure your pet’s safety.

Many pet owners mistaken this device as a combat for soothing dogs when lonely. On the contrary, this device is a training device and must be used under supervision. Before buying, one should have a clear understanding of what they are going to put around their pet’s neck.

Let us check out few of the reviews that people had after using the anti dog barking collar. I have tried to pick both sides of the story to help you understand what this device entails.

Stories from Dog Owners

I have picked these testimonials randomly about the experience that pet owners had after getting their pet the training collar.  

  1. Story 1: I was stuck with my dog’s bad habit of barking at every sound. I live in an apartment and work night shifts. I feel that my dog barks more than usual when I am not around. The neighbours keep complaining about my dog disturbing their sleep. So, after checking few ads, I purchased a dog collar that restricted dogs from barking. I left my dog at home while I was away for my work. I did that for two days and the third day, when I reached home, my dog did not greet me. He was dull and felt sick. The veterinarian suggested to use the collar for short periods and to keep a watch.
  2. Story 2: I had usual problem that every pet owner may feel at times. I just wanted a peaceful home. But, my dog kept barking for most of the hours in the day as well as night. I got him the anti-dog barking collar and the problem was solved. Even after I took it off permanently, my dog never barked the way he used to.
  3. Story 3: My sister was shifting to a different city and handed me her pet for few months. Knowing that it would be difficult to raise a pet with barking issues, I always had the idea of the collar in mind. Without telling her, I got one for the pet. When I handed her dog to my sister after 5 months, she was surprised. She called back after a week. She was happy. Her Candy has changed. She wasn’t barking unnecessarily. However, it’s still a secret.
  4. Story 4: I love my Ranch. He is a 2 year old German shepherd. But, I wasn’t able to control his anger issues. He used to be furious at every sound. But, after I started using the anti-dog barking collar, things changed. I do not need that collar now as he is trained to keep his bark low.    

As you must have noticed that the results are mixed. And, its all because of the difference in the way we use these devices. Sometimes, buying the wrong product can also do harm. So, you should always check for the instructions and get the right device that is safe for pets.

Best Anti Dog Barking Collar

Here is a unique collar that is designed to train pets who are constant barkers as well as keep them safe. This anti dog barking collar uses safe technology to train your dog. It will keep you and your pet safe. Unlike many other brands that are not smart enough to adjust with the barking intensity of your pet, this one does. And, does it very smartly.