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7 Reasons Why I Choose Light Up Ball for my Dog for Training

7 Reasons Why I Choose Light Up Ball for my Dog for Training

Choosing the toy that not only keeps pet engaged but is safe to use when unattended is very crucial for every dog lover. There are many items present on the shelves of dog store that cause choking hazards and other accidents. And the sweet talks of vendor often confuse us from getting the right toy for our pets. Hence, one must understand how important it is to understand the benefits and drawbacks of toys before getting one.

Light Up Balls is the most common toy that every dog owns and loves to play with. Even the pet parents enjoy the time spent playing fetch with their fur friend. However, these days, you would find those balls with glowing lights inside them. And, many may feel it unfit for their dogs. However, on a different note, these balls are the best gift you can ever buy for your dog.

Here are the reasons why I love to train my dogs with light up balls.

Light Up Balls are Squeaky

Now, here is the deal. Dogs react to sound the most. And, toys that make sound are always close to a dog’s heart. You may find your pet carrying the squeaky toys to their beds. However, these squeaky toys, unlike light up balls, have no purpose other than keeping your pet involved while they bite the toys for making sound.

On the contrary, a light up ball not only makes sound but is the perfect toy for playing fetch.

The Light Up Balls are Bite-Resistant

The light up balls that are of high quality provides the bite resistant feature. So, if you had a bad experience before with balls that did not last for long, you must try this one. No matter how much and with what intensity your dog bites this ball, these will always remain the same.

The sturdy body and non-toxic material let your dog have a safe play.  

Light Up Balls are Multipurpose

Instead of serving just one purpose of training your dog learn fetch, it serves many other purposes. In short, it is one stop solution for a lot of things that you do together with your dog. Moreover, there is no way you can deny that fact that your dog will love to have such a ball that lights up and make sound at the same time. Isn’t that wonderful?

Trust me, your pet feels the same way as you do.

Just the Right Nudge for Lazy Dogs

I have seen many pet lovers talking about their pets being too lazy to even come out of the house for a walk. And, they certainly miss playing fetch, one of the most favourite games of every dog owner. For them, these balls are here for rescue.

The lights and sound will force the laziest dog to come out and play. If you haven’t tried it yet, you are missing on a lot of fun that you could have with your pet. This light up ball is just the right way to get those lazy bums on job.

Suitable for All Dogs and Pups

The best part about these light up balls is that are always in the show. And, its suitable for large as well as small dogs, even for puppies. So, you will never have to think about getting this toy regardless of the breed you own or the age of your adorable pet.

It is very unusual to find a toy for your dog that he could play with all his life and never get bored of. And, when you find one, just get it for your play partner.

Have a Playful Dog, Get the Light Up Balls

As I have mentioned above, light up balls can make every lazy dog get on their knees. Similarly, these balls are best for the most playful dogs as well. If your dog persists on playing before bed and you find no reason to play fetch in the dark, here is what you are missing out.

Light Up balls can help you find it even in the darkest night. The more the darkness, the better is the glow. Your dog will have to problem finding the glowing and flashing ball even if stuck in between of long bushes. So, why not be the one asking for a play night rather neglecting what your pet wants. After all, love is all about sharing the fun together with the responsibilities.

Designed with Great Bounce

If you want to train your dog to jump higher, this is the safest option. These balls are designed to have extra bounce than the normal balls. And, this one, in specific, has got the best bounce.

Moreover, if you are not in a mood to play and you find your dog is insistent for playing fetch, let him play with light up balls. Few fetches and he would certainly want some time to relax. Why to turn them down, when you can turn their energy off?

The Give Away

It is rightly said: “Dogs are Human’s best Friend.”

The love and affection that a dog owner receives from its fur buddy is untradable. And, only the dog lover can understand what it means to have a four-legged friend stay around. All the showering of unconditional love is only for few moments of attention.

Just like the dogs are blessed to have you, you are blessed too. It is our responsibility as a dog owner to provide them with the best we could. Making a little room to train and groom is not much to ask for. Isn’t it?

In addition, it will help you manage them even better and will keep the vet’s bill short. And, what could be the best way other than providing them their play time for keeping them healthy and fit. Even a simple fetch game can do the trick. Moreover, you can share the time together while ensuring the need for your dog’s exercise is met.

Hence, get the light up balls and train and enhance your dog’s skill with just a simple fetch game.

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