Good Dog Hair Clippers to Try Right Now

Good Dog Hair Clippers to Try Right Now-Ohmyglad

Most of the dog owners feel helpless when it comes to groom their pet’s fur. Some can afford the professional’s fee and others let the fur reach ground length. A regular trimming that could be affordable and hassle free is always a challenge.

However, not anymore. There are plenty of options available when it comes to finding the good dog hair clippers. The idea of dealing with the problem traditionally is already over. With so many best rated dog hair clippers, you just need to know which one would fit your needs. From professional dog hair clippers to ordinary ones, all are right there on the shelves.

Make the choice and there you go. The best part is, you do not need any professional training to use these clippers. They are easy to operate and convenient to manage. If you wish to know more about the ways to choose a good dog hair clipper and find few suggestions, why not read ahead.

What to Consider before Buying Good Dog Hair Clippers

While it is a boon that you get so many choices online for every buy, it turns to be the worst nightmare as well. The unknown brands and low quality products are more in number than the good ones. Hence, it is wise to know the ways one should choose the hair clippers.

Here is what you should check to know if the clipper is the right choice for your best friend:

It is Quite: All the pets fear unknown sound. And, if the clipper makes a lot of noise, it could scare your pet. It probably will not let you trim the fur. Moreover, a clipper that makes least noise will not irritate you or your pet. The process will become smoother with a quite clipper.

It is Harmless: There are dog hair clippers that could harm your pet’s fur. Some can get stuck in the fur and can pull the hair. Others can be even more dangerous. They might have sharper blade that your pup can handle. So, choose the one that’s a good one.

It is Handy: If you ever have tried clipping your dog’s hair, you must know the challenge in keeping them immobile. You need to hold them with one hand to restrict their sudden movement. In this case, a heavy and not so comfortable dog clipper will be difficult to operate single handily.

It is Cordless: Do you wish to get trapped in the wire connected to the dog clipper while moving it on your pet’s body? Certainly not. The good dog hair clippers are cordless and easy to manage.

Ask the Professional: A professional always know which dog hair clipper will suit your dog’s fur. Either it’s the blade or the movements of the clipper. So, consult if you visit one on a regular basis. It may help you in choosing the right product.

Few Suggestions for Good Dog Hair Clippers

If you feel excited to find the one right away, let’s get started. The below recommendations are not just great but would suit every breed’s fur and needs of grooming.  

Professional Dog Hair Clipper


This hair clipper is my personal favourite. Very affordable and something that can always be at your service. What makes it so unique is the different sizes comb that come with this trimmer. So, you can manage different fur lengths. The trimmer is rechargeable and completely cordless for a hassle free experience. With detachable cutter head, you will feel no trouble in cleaning the tool. Isn’t that all you need?  

UltraEdge AGC Super 2-Speed by Andis

    The biggest problem which comes while trimming is cutting the fur on the ears, feet and close to neck. However, this sleek design and the 2 speed function of the trimmer makes the job as easy. It’s one of the popular ones in the market. No need to have a prior experience in grooming your pet’s hair, with this trimmer, you are already a master.

    U-CLIP Trimmer by Wahl

      It comes with extra power with super shunt motor. Still, it makes little noise. The steel blades are rare to find and are worth every inch you spend on them. You would very well understand what good dog hair clippers should be like just by the hold of it. Unique design and made to ease your work.

      Golden A5 by Oster

        This one gives you options for choosing the blades between varied range. The motor is awesome, and you will not feel the device getting warm even after hours of use. You can feel the difference after using this clipper.  

        A Short Walkthrough for Dog’s Grooming

        Start with a Bath and Comb: Always remember to bath your dog and untangle the fur with a comb. This will avoid any accidents of getting the trimmer trapped in the hair. Check for the Right Blade: As you must know, every breed has a different fur. Some are curly, and some are straight. The length difference also matters. So, consider everything before choosing the right blade. Use the Trimmer Slowly: Did you notice the lines on the body of your pet while clipping the hair. If yes, you are not trimming the right way. You should go slow and stop pressing the trimmer too hard against the fur. Use the Hair Growth as the Key to Trim: Never trim in the other direction of the hair growth. Or else, you will lose the smooth coat. It is very important to trim in the same direction. The hair changes direction at different parts of the body. So, take time and be patient while trimming the hair.

        The Give Away

        By now, you must have understood that trimming the hair of a dog is not a rocket science with many good dog hair clippers around. Once you have found yours, the task will not take much long. And, you can get the professionally trimmed fur at home itself. And, most importantly, your pet will feel far comfortable if you are the one trimming its hair and not some stranger.

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