Best Harness for Small Dogs that Escape

Best Harness for Small Dogs that Escape-Ohmyglad

The first thing that you would need after getting your fur friend in your house is the harness. Many do consider traditional collars over harness and some pets fit just fine. However, a harness is a must for those who do not want to put extra pressure on their pet’s neck. Moreover, the pets that are used to show the path, especially the untrained puppies while walking can hurt themselves when tied with the traditional collar. For those small adorable pets, you should always go for the best harness for small dogs.

Harness comes in different sizes and style. Some has the back clip, some come with front clip. Then, there are training and no-pull harnesses as well. However, when you are going out with a small dog or a pup, you need to secure him tightly enough to restrict them from escaping but not too tight to make the grip uncomfortable. In the process, you may find yourself confused and ready to give up.

So, why not understand the aim of the buying process first before making the move. For small dogs, there are certain concerns that should never be neglected. Either its their size and ability to escape from their harnesses or their delicate neck that can choke to create serious problems. You should also know which harness will be soft and won’t irritate their skin.

Problems with Not Putting the Harness the Right Way

As already mentioned, a harness not tied correctly can create a plethora of issues for your dog. Some can even be highly torturing for your pet. And, you won’t like to find the consequences later. So, let’s see what can happen if the pets are tied incorrectly.

Slipping Away: Would you like running behind your dog between the traffic or even in the park when gotten away from their leash. A lose harness can make this happen regularly. It can even lead to accidents, yours as well as your pet’s.

Create Huge Discomfort: Do you usually notice your dog pulling against the harness? Have you ever thought of understanding this specific nature of his? If you think that your dog is disobedient and do not know how to behave and let the problem stay for longer, you will be making a big mistake. Dogs cannot always explain their discomfort. It is us who are responsible to take a lead on their signals.

Restrict the Motion: There is no way a dog will like to be idle all the time. However, a tight harness can make them lazy and sometimes, irritable. A harness that is tied too tight can cause tight muscles. Not only it will restrict their movement but will decrease their playfulness.

Cuts and Bruises: Tight harness can cause skin irritation, redness or even cuts and blood. Do not let this problem take its toll. Further ignorance can lead to bacterial infection and many other serious problems.

How to Put the Dog Harness?

After you get the one that is suitable for your breed, its time you learn the right way to put it around your dog’s neck or chest. Some harnesses even had an overhead entry, and some just get through their feet. Take your time and master the art of placing the harness correctly every time.

Place the Harness on the Ground: Once you are ready to tie the harness around them, place the harness on the ground, upside down. Place the two front feet of your pet inside each loop and fasten the buckle on the top. If, it’s an overhead entry, slide the harness through the head to rest on the neck and buckle the harness later, adjusting the strap.

Check for the Strap Close to Neck: You are not done until you have checked the straps close to the neck. Ensure that the strap is tied away from the neck and not exactly resting over it.

Ensure the Two Finger Distance: Finally, check for the two finger distance of your dog’s harness with its body. It will ensure a secure fastening that is not too tight to cause any discomfort to the pet.

Recommendation for Best Harness for Small Dogs

If you are stuck while finding the best harness for small dogs, this is what you should go for. This dog harness for small dogs provides best experience for you as well as your dog. It will also serve the need for those looking for dog harnesses for small dogs that pull.