What is the Best Harness for a Husky that Pulls?

What is the Best Harness for a Husky that Pulls?-Ohmyglad

Are you tired of looking for the best harness for a husky and tried a lot many to control your strong dog and failed? The good news is you are not alone. There are many dog owners who have given up while trying to find that one harness that could relieve them from a stressful walk with their large buddy. Usually, large dogs that like to run behind the scent or are fast paced, gets either themselves hurt or the owner because of the constant pull.

Hence, it is very important to find that one harness which could restrain them from pulling the leash and at the same time, will provide comfort. It is a no brainer that a large dog will require more exercise as compared to the small breeds. And, not providing them enough space to roam would be unjustified.

So, instead of shortening or curbing their walk hours, why not find the harness for a strong dog. There are many ways to look for it. For every purpose, there is a different harness. And, your dog would certainly love to put the one that matches his or her requirements.

Why Harness over Collars?

Many pet lovers do not understand what difference a harness makes. And, continue with the traditional collar and leash. For some cases, these collars may work properly. But, for majority of the dogs, these are painful and uncomfortable to wear.

Collar put stress on the neck and put your pet in danger of serious issues. Dogs like to play around when tied up with the leash. Have you not had trouble discipling them while walking together? Many times, we even pull them with force to change the direction. If you find your dog coughing or making sounds of chocking, you know its time to change the collar.

Unlike collars, harness sits around the body of the pet. Hence, the hyper pets also feel comfort while you pull them in the course of managing them outside the house. Harness also comes in different shades and for variety of purposes. If you are one of those individuals who are very particular about the purpose of your buy, harness will always amaze you.

If your dog is a strong companion, you should always look for the dog harness for a large dog. You will not want your dog to break the collar and make you run behind him or her. Why put yours and your pet life in danger?

Find your Purpose

Once you have decided to get a harness for your strong dog, its time you understand what you should be looking for. Here are few do’s and don’ts.

Never Buy a Standard Harness: Why is it not a good idea to buy a standard harness for your large dog? The answer is very simple. These harnesses won’t provide you the strength that you require to tame your large dog. These can even break in between of the hustle while you try to change the direction of your dog. And, the end results could be devastating. So, never compromise for a standard harness when its for your strong fur friend.

Got a Hyper Dog? Find a No Pull Harness: I understand that managing a hyper dog is not at all a fun game. The control is always in the hands of your fur buddy. If you want to turn left, your friend would take you right. If you want to rest for a couple of minutes, your four-legged buddy would be pulling you as if it’s the end of the world. It may sound hilarious. But, ask those who tolerate a hyper pet. For such dogs, you can always rely on the No-Pull Harnesses.

Size and Fitting Matters: Not all the harnesses for a large dog would fit your pet. So, before getting to the store, remember to check the size that fits comfortably on your pet’s body. If the harness is still in the package, measure the ribcage and chest area of your pet and look for the size guide on the package to tally. If you find the one with exact same size, go for it.

Check for the Fabric: Every dog owner wants to choose the best of their dogs. Sometimes, they forget that comfort is always more important than style. Although, style matter, comfort is the key for every buy. How about getting a product that your pet refuses to use because of discomfort? It would be a total waste of your money. The harness which are comfortable at bottom is what you should be looking for.

Which is the Best Harness for a Husky?

If you own a husky or a large dog, you would like to check out this best harness for a husky. This won’t just be a great harness for a husky but for all those large dogs strong enough to dominate your walks with them.