Will Flea Dog’s Treatment Be Harmful to My Dog or Child?

Will Flea Dog’s Treatment Be Harmful to My Dog or Child?

There is a very thin line between the products that are effective and those that can harm dogs and children playing with your medicated pet. The flea dog’s treatment of assorted brands is put together on the shelves without a warning differentiating the harmful ones. These contain chemicals that kill fleas and ticks. However, few products do contain chemicals that can harm humans and the pets as well.

You would be alarmed to know the amount of pet death happens every year because of these chemicals. A five year analysis of the reports that were presented to EPA amounted to 1600 death of pets only by the spot on treatment. Considering other treatments, the number would raise even higher. EPA is the regulatory body that assigns the level of risks associated with the pesticides and flea dog’s treatment products that can pose danger to humans.

The report also outlined the major health concerns that happened in pet after they were treated with spot on treatment containing pyrethroid. The problems included heart attacks, brain damage and many other serious issues.

How to Know which flea dog’s treatment is Safe?

I would not ask you to learn about every chemical present in the flea dog’s treatment. However, understanding which one is highly dangerous will help you tick out few of the options right away. You need to look out for organophosphate insecticides (OPs) such as Tetrachlorvinphos. Another chemical is Permethrin. As per the EPA analysis, If Permethrin is taken orally it can be carcinogenic to humans

You should also stay wary of carbamates. If the product contains carbaryl or propoxur that means the treatment carries carbamates. Moreover, propoxur is again considered one of the human carcinogens.

What Makes the Regulation Weak?

You would be surprised to know that the regulatory body to access the safety of pet products did not even start before 1996. Unlike those regulatory bodies that access the safety of human products by extensive testing and research, EPA is only responsible for doing the basic testing. The field trials are also not necessary if its about pet products. The medication is tested on one breed. These all constraints make it difficult to find only safe options in the shops.

How to Apply Flea Dog’s Treatment?

The most common treatment for flea and ticks that are used widely is spot on treatment. So, let us know about the safe application of these products to avoid any mishap. Before you get the product and check it with your vegetarian for the exact dosage, read the instruction carefully. See if there is anything that you need to know apart from what you already were told.

The product also has the indication of time period written on it. Ensure that you do not repeat the treatment before the time is over. Flea control for dogs and cats are different. So, never on cats that are supposed to be used for dogs and vice versa.

Keep children away from pets after the application for few hours before the medicine dries. Also, if you have more than one pet, keep the one that is medicated away from the other pets. This will help is safeguarding children as well as other pets from accidently intaking the chemicals present in the medicine.

If you are using the particular flea dog’s treatment for the first time, keep an eye on your pet for several hours after medicating him. If you see any unusual signs, right away contact the care provider of your pet.

Sings of Poisoning in Pets

Although your pet won’t be able to tell you what he/she is feeling, the signs would be too obvious to ignore. If you find your dog showing any of the signs mentioned below, run for help to the pet’s clinic.

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Drooling excessively
  • Severe depression  
  • Foams out of the mouth
  • Stumbling
  • Dilated Pupils
  • Seizures
  • Lack of appetite
  • Shivering
  • Skin Irritation

If you think it would be too late by the time you visit your veterinarian or if your pet requires instant attention, call your veterinarian. As for any home remedy for instant relief. Once your pet is stabilized, take him to the clinic right away.

God forbid, if you feel that your child has ingested the chemical, contact the hospital and take him to the poison local control center right away.

As a responsible human being and a pet lover, do not forget to inform the authority about the medicine. Who knows you can save lives of many other pets as well as children?

Are Dog Flea Repellent Collars Safe?

As you know that these collars are medicated and release medicated gas that gets absorbed in your pet’s body, it is wise to choose the best flea collar for dogs that are safe. Check with the ingredients and read about the reviews.

The more you will be aware of the products you are choosing, the safer would be your loving pet. If you have children around, you can use this collar when taking your pet for a walk and remove them when they are playing with your kids inside the house.

There are many options available in the market. Choose after researching about the product and consulting the veterinarian.

You can read more about this Flea & Tick Collar here.

The Conclusion

Pet’s safety has become a huge concern these days. More people understanding the worth of these beautiful creations of god has led to a greater number of adoptions of pets and an increase in number of pet parents around the world.

People feel connected to their pets. And, they do take measures to protect their pets from every adversity. However, lack of knowledge can lead to disastrous ends.

So, learn and research about the flea dog’s treatments that you are planning to use. Talk to the experts. Do not use something that is new and hasn’t been tested properly yet. Even after taking all the preventive measures, anything bad happens, right away consult the care provider. And, let your dog have a wonderful time being your companion.  

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