10 Fun Ways to Mentally Stimulate Dogs

10 Fun Ways to Mentally Stimulate Dogs-Ohmyglad

Most often, while concentrating to provide the right amount of physical exercise, pets owners forget to care for the exercises that support mental stimulation of their pets. Many of the pet lovers are not even aware of such exercises that mentally stimulate dogs. These pets find a way to direct the lack of mental exercise to other destructive channels. These pets may amuse themselves by biting, chewing furniture, chasing their tails and lot of other undesirable activities.

As per the animal behaviourist and many veterinarians have suggested that mental exercise goes hand in hand with physical movement to keep pets in their best health. No matter which breed you own, no matter which size your pet is, giving it a balance exercise will help him have a better life. As the balanced diet is important for humans, balanced exercise is crucial for pets.

Lacking on even any of the one of the modes of exercises, would may result in destructive upbringing or unhealthy pet. Hence, as a pet lover, none of us would want to board the ship which is destined for our pet’s decline.

Exercises to Mentally Stimulate Dogs

While we know many ways for physical exercise, here are some different and innovative methods for dog mental stimulation. You can do all of these in turn for the best results.

Use Different Walk Patterns:

Are you not bored of walking the same route to your office every day? Do you know prior of when to speed down before a hump on the road because of regular turns to the same route? If all that happens to you, it sure would be happening to your pet too. Sniffing the same scent and finding the same atmosphere may make your pet used to the outdoor walks. A brain stops working when it knows what’s therein advance. Hence, the mental stimulation stops too. Unexpected paths would make your pets excited and would keep them on their toes for finding different scents and sceneries.

Bring Pets to Dog Parks:

An apartment or even a house with small backyard will fall short for your fun loving buddy after a while. Letting it roam freely in an enclosed park with no leash around would get the best of your pet.

Up for Agility Training:

Either your pet is a small breed or a large one, agility training excites every pet. Apart from providing a mentally stimulate dogs, these are loaded with physical exercises as well.

Give your Pets Ride to your Friend’s Home:

If you have friends who love pets, plan get together. Take your pet to your friend’s place. Let him socialize with other people and strangers. If there are other dogs, its even great. Just ensure the pets do not end up fighting.

Play Hide and Seek:

Have you ever tried this game with your fur friend? If not, you are missing out on a lot of fun. Hide and seek is not just a human game, pets love this game too. Remember to hide at distinct places to make the game difficult for your dog. It would lead him to use his mental abilities like sniffing and locating to get to you. Treat him after it finds you.

Use the best dog toys for mental stimulation:

There are many toys in the shops and available online that can help stimulate your pet’s brain. You can pick among many variations. There are those lightening balls which are super attractive and intriguing. You can also prefer the balls with treat dispenser. Change the treats to keep your pet interested in the chase for long.