A Quick way to Deal with Dog Hair Shedding

A Quick way to Deal with Dog Hair Shedding-Ohmyglad

If I ask, do you love your dog? The first thing that will pop in your mind is what an absurd question. All of us do love our dogs and that the reason they are a part of our family. But, what about the hair and fur that they shed. Do you love that too? And, the answer will be ‘NO’. Dog hair shedding comes handy with every dog. Some shed less and others too much.

Dog shedding not only destroys our furniture but our clothes and food as well. The house feels like a cotton ball and everyone can notice the lump of fur flying around. Those allergic to dog fur would not like to visit your place. God knows what more.

Those who have tried a lot of ways to control their pet’s shedding and have given it up, haven’t tried the correct ways. For every problem, there is always a solution. And, this saying goes exactly true for this case. Dog shedding may be daunting, but if cared properly, it can be minimized noticeably.

The thumb rule for every problem is treating it from where it originated from. Many of the dog owners concentrate on cleaning their house which is already a mess. But, the focus should be treating and grooming your dog. If they would shed less, your job will become easier anyway.

Here are few tips to control and stop dog hair shedding:

Make Bathe a Regular Custom

How often do you bath your dog? Have you thought of the problems inconsistent visit to the washroom for bathing your dog can create? Let me brief you a little more over this topic. Tangled hair or fur are more prone to shedding. Also, if the coat is too dirty, it would become a reason for shedding.

Regular bathing would clear those issues. Additionally, using shed control shampoo and conditioner will also help in controlling the shedding of hair. However, to identify how many times in a week or a month you need to bath your dog will depend on many factors.

You will have to consider the breed type, the lifestyle, the skin type and many other things. The best way to determine is to ask your vet. As excess bathing can clear out the healthy oil from the skin only to make it dry and itchy.

Never Miss our Brushing your Pet’s Hair

After you finish bathing your dog, do not forget to brush his or her hair. This is very important to get rid of the loose hair or fur. You can buy the combs that are especially designed to help fight dog hair shedding. The hair that you find stuck on your furniture are these loose furs that rub against the furniture body to make them furry as well.

You can also make it a habit to comb your dog’s fur on a regular basis. You can do it once everyday or twice or thrice in a week. You do not have to wait for the day bath is scheduled for him or her.

Choose the Right Diet to control Dog Hair Shedding

Have you ever though why oils are important for everybody? Why one should include oil in one’s diet? Isn’t it to retain moisture and fight dry skin. Yes, it is. Oil is very essential for a healthy skin. And, the same goes with your pet as well.

Usually the dry food that we offer to our pets do not contain any oil. Your dog can attain useful oil and moisture from healthy snacks that are available in every kitchen. Peeled and de-seeded melons, carrots and green beans are the easiest pick. You can head to the grocery shop to get them or order online. These will certainly help retain moisture on your pet’s skin and will help stop dog hair shedding.

Use the Right Tool

You must have used a vacuum cleaner to clean your house. But, didn’t have heard about the ones that are designed to clean your pet. These tools are very handy and runs on batteries. Being cordless, you can have a hassle free experience while controlling your dog from one hand and using the tool from another.